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8 November 2022
never had such a fast and great service - highly recommend the plugin and the service!
16 September 2020
Tried the free version then went for the added features of the paid version. It is exactly what it says and the support service that comes with it, is excellent. I had a database issue which stopped the Add in, (database error was nothing to do with the add in) but the support staff fixed it. Brilliant service.
4 Agustus 2020 1 balasan
When you create an event with limited tickets, after reaching the limit and some are deleted from the back-end, the form does not allow registering even when tickets have been deleted. Also, sometimes the form allows you to reserve tickets after reaching the limit.
11 November 2019 1 balasan
My website needed an event banner. This plugin does a perfect job. Very good looking and easy to manage at the backend. Easy to setup, easy to manage. Loved it. Excellent product, thank you! 5 stars
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