Email Templates Customizer and Designer for WordPress and WooCommerce


Email Templates is a WordPress plugin that allows you to customize your WooCommerce and WordPress website’s default transactional email designs and templates.

The easy-to-use editor lets you choose a template style, and you can customize it by adding a logo or text, changing colors, and editing the footer.

Why use Email templates for your WordPress/WooCommerce website?

  • Live preview your WordPress and WooCommerce emails
  • Customize emails to match your brand’s color theme
  • Customize your email’s heading, subtitle, and body text (including header and footer text)
  • Choose from a variety of template styles
  • Configure settings like the sender’s name and email address
  • Send test emails to the administrator’s email address
  • View your WooCommerce order emails or choose to view a mockup template.
  • Select email type from a dropdown list – New order, canceled order, customer processing order, customer completed order, customer refunded order, customer on-hold order, customer invoice, failed order, new account, customer note, reset password.
  • Each email type has a default email template and template settings
  • Import/export custom style settings
  • Send preview email after importing custom style settings

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Email Templates Features

WordPress Email Template – General Settings

  • Choose the size of your email template (boxed or full-width)
  • Add custom CSS to your email template
  • Choose the background color for your email template
  • Resize the body of the email box using a slider

WordPress Email Template – Header Settings

  • Add an image to your email template’s header
  • Add text and color to your email header.
  • Choose an alignment for the email’s header (Left, Center, Right)
  • Increase or decrease the size of the text in the header.

WordPress Email Template – Email Body Settings

  • Set a background color for the email body
  • Set a text color for links in the email body

WordPress Email Template – Footer Settings

  • Edit the text on the email footer
  • Choose an alignment for the email footer (Left, Center, Right)
  • Set a background color for the email footer
  • Resize the footer text using a slider
  • Set the color of the text on the footer
  • Enable/disable the link to the plugin page (Powered by)

WooCommerce Email Template Settings for Email Types

  • Add the recipient’s email address
  • Add the subject line, heading, subtitle and additional text
  • Add the text for the email body
  • Add heading and subject line for Full Refund (Customer refunded order template)
  • Add heading and subject line for Partial Refund (Customer refunded order template)
  • Switch off template for unpaid customers (Customer invoice template)
  • Switch off template for a partial refund (Customer refunded order template)
  • Display/hide a payment button in the email template (Customer invoice template)
  • Display/hide the account section in the email template (New account template)
  • Display/hide a link to the customer’s account (New account template)
  • Display/hide the link to password reset in the email template (Reset password template)

WooCommerce Email Template – Container Settings

  • Set the background color for the container
  • Change the content width inside the container
  • Enable Fluid Width and set the content inner max width
  • Change the border color, radius, and width
  • Change the padding of the container

WooCommerce Email Template – Header Settings

  • Add a header image to the template
  • Link the header image to a website
  • Set the header image’s placement (Outside or Insider the container)
  • Change the alignment of the image (Left, Center, Right)
  • Change the max width of the header image
  • Change the background color of the header image
  • Change the padding, and style (background color, Alignment, Padding) of the header image
  • Change the font, font style, font size, and font weight of the subtitle and heading
  • Change the line height of the heading and subtitle
  • Set the subtitle placement (Above or Below the heading)

WooCommerce Email Template – Content Settings

  • Change the background color of the content container
  • Change the padding of the content container (top, middle, left, right)
  • Change the font size, line height, font family, weight, link color, and text color of the content.
  • Change the heading style for the content container (font size, line height, padding [top, right, left, bottom], font family, font style, font weight)
  • Set the text transform to None, Uppercase, Lowercase, and Capitalize
  • Set the color and text alignment (left, center, right, justify)
  • Add a separator and set its color, height, and style (Solid, Double, Groove, Dotted, Dashed, and Ridge)
  • Set the order table’s style to light or normal
  • Display/hide the product image and set its size/resolution
  • Set the order table’s background color (applies on odd rows)
  • Change the border width, color, style, padding size, and style of the order table
  • Change the background color, padding, and border (width, color, style, text color, alignment) of the address box
  • Change the button text color, font size, font family, font weight, background color, padding (top, right, left, bottom), border width, border radius, border color, and alignment of the buttons.

WooCommerce Email Template – Footer Settings

  • Set the background placement of the footer (inside or outside the body container)
  • Change the background color of the footer
  • Change the padding of the footer (top, bottom, left, right)
  • Display/hide the social section in the footer
  • Add multiple social options in the footer
  • Set social image source as bundle icon or upload custom icon(s)
  • Set color, title, and link for the social icon(s)
  • Set color, font size, font family, padding, style, and border width of the footer
  • Set text, alignment, font size, font family, font weight, text color, and padding of the footer credit content
  • Write custom CSS for footer style

Minimum Requirements

WordPress 4.0.0

Help with translations

Send your translations to Transifex

Currently Available in:

  • Inggris
  • Spanyol
  • Perancis
  • Cina
  • Portugis
  • Belanda
  • Persia
  • Rusia
  • Jerman

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Tangkapan Layar

  • Email Templates - Settings
  • Boxed layout
  • Full-width layout
  • Email Notification
  • Email Type
  • Background Color
  • Bundle Icon
  • Send Preview Email
  • Email Type and Text
  • Font Family
  • WooCommerce Emails


  1. Upload the plugin in /wp-admin/plugin-install.php
  2. Aktifkan plugin melalui menu ‘Plugins’ di WordPress
  3. Click on Email Templates -> “WordPress Email” to start editing
  4. Click on Email Templates -> “WooCommerce Email” to start editing

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Bagaimana cara menambahkan template khusus?

Copy the templates folder into your theme, then in functions.php add the following:

add_filter('mailtpl/customizer_template', function(){
    return get_stylesheet_directory() . '/admin/templates/default.php';


21 Februari 2023
Have exactly same problem as clementrectangle announced late december. After update, there was no WooCommerce template and all of a sudden, nothing works. The header made is not showing anymore, it is not creating the emails it should and it has taken way too long to fix it. I am not impressed at all.
20 Desember 2022 2 balasan
Hi, Reworking a plugin is cool, but you need to triple check backward compatibility... !! The recent update broke the WooCommerce email templates (no logo in the header anymore, colors change, ...) on 2 ecommerces we manage (probably more, I'm just discovering the havock now...), and our clients aren't really happy about it. The background color settings in the new WooCommerce template editor aren't even working (in the Header section, not a single background color field is working, there's 3 and I can't find one doing anything...), so I can't fix the template to make it similar to what we had before... Don't get me wrong, I always liked this plugin and use it on all our websites, but this backstab is pretty infuriating, and in the christmas season even, when ecommerces are seeling 10x their normal sells and they want their websites to be perfect... Please at least fix the background color fields, so we can fix the templates for our client as soon as possible...
17 November 2022
When I need a site with client/team emails, this is my go-to resource for a quick and easy template. Works well with Post SMTP, too.
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Log Perubahan


  • Added toggle switch for users who don’t want to use the default WooCommerce template.


  • Fixed WooCommerce required error.


  • NEW – Design/Customize WooCommerce emails.
  • NEW – Added Live preview your WooCommerce emails.

  • Emails not being send when multiple emails where being sent at the same time


  • Support for multiple templates PR #29
  • Fix Increase priority for the preview template

  • Fixed css width
  • new filter for default message

  • Only filter non html messages
  • Fixed bug introduced on 1.3.1


  • Security fix to prevent html injection
  • Filter attributes for images


  • Instead of multiple filters we now just modify wp_mail to make plugin more compatible
    with transactional mail plugins

  • Fixed issue with maxwith not working on certain installs.

  • Fixed issue with boxed layout

  • Text domain update


  • Added image support in header text
  • Fixed issue with spaces on gravity forms ( gravity plugin needs to be >= )


  • Added shortcode support in header/footer
  • Header text now it’s used for alt image when using images
  • Fixed bug where image was not responsive on mobile devices


  • Added custom css support on template section
  • Added link color in body section
  • Updated templates with changes above
  • Mailgun / sengrid integration


  • Added body size to template section
  • Leaving emtpty from name & from email will let you use other plugins settings now
  • Logo alt text is now site description by default
  • Removed other panels showing on email templates customizer
  • Removed email templates panel from normal customizer

  • Fixed woocommerce preview link


  • Fixed bug with some links missing or not clickable
  • Added more languages and updated some
  • Added more action hooks for devs

  • Remove “powered by” by default
  • Updated languages


  • Fixed bug with powered by still showing on some mail clients
  • Added new languages


  • Added Postman SMTP compatibility
  • Added WP SMTP compatibility
  • Added Easy WP SMTP compatibility
  • Added Easy SMTP Mail compatibility


  • Fixed bug with wpmandrill
  • Added chinese, spanish and portuguese languages
  • Added new font size control
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Easy Digital Downloads Integration
  • Added Email body settings


  • Fixed email link on retrieve password emails from WP


  • Bug – Template is cached to avoid issues when sending multiple emails
  • Added fallback text email for non html email clients and to improve inbox hits
  • Added site url to the logo/text logo in header
  • Fixed some typos in descriptions
  • Added Emails templates menu using add_submenu_page


  • First release