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eko WordPress Plugin


Use the eko WordPress Plugin to take full control of your eko interactive content.

Store your videos We created a custom post type for you to store and preview your interactive videos.

Easily embed your videos Embedding your eko content made easy with this plugin utilizing the powers of the eko-js-sdk

Show your videos anywhere Using shortcodes to embed your eko episode in any post type.

Full How-To use can be found in our GitHub repository


  • Simple & Intuitive
  • Heavy-lifting is done for you


Embedding eko Video In every post

You can use the plugin’s built-in shortcode to embed your eko Video in any kind of post.

How To Use It?
* Basic: [eko-video id=], example: [eko-video id=MebL1z]
* Make it full screen by passing fullScreen=true as a parameter
* Control the iframe’s dimentions by passing width and height parameters
* By default, the embedded video is reponsive. You can override it by passing responsive=false
* Example: [eko-video id=MebL1z width=800px height=600px responsive=false]

Viewing a Single Video

Though eko-videos can be seamlessly embedded within any WordPress post using shorcodes, it is adviced to create custom templates in your theme to embed eko-videos (for example: create single-eko-video.php template to render a single eko-video post).
The plugin is provided with a set of API methods to help you as a developer to embed your eko-video in your site the way you intended.
To help you get started, the plugin is provided that includes a template for a single eko video, where several of the plugin’s API methods are being used.

The template is a suggestion showing you how to utilize the plugin to gain max-control over your embedded eko-content.

How To Use It?
1. Copy the provided theme folder into your site’s theme directory
3. Activate the theme
4. Preview any of your eko-Video posts


From your WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for “eko-video”
  3. Activate Advanced Custom Fields from your Plugins page
  4. Click on the new menu item “eko-Videos” and create your video page
  5. Enter the video’s Id to automatically fetch the video’s data and content

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  • The Plugin is alive!
  • can create episodes and fetch content
  • integrate eko interactive content in any post using shortcodes= 1.0.8 =
  • Updated the plugin’s icons
  • removed snake_case from shortcode params and embedding params. noe all of the params are in camelCase
  • this effects: query_params, full_screen


  • typos in readme…


  • Bugs fixes