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20 Juli 2019
Great plugin, clean code and very easy to understand! Edit: although the url to get the token does not have ssl 🤔
30 September 2018
After looking at many different instagram feed plugins, this is the only one I found that can enable displaying captions without paying for a premium version of the plugin. This plugin only has two options, the number of photos displayed and whether or not to show captions. Even though this limits the user to the automatic size of the images, if you need something quick and dirty, this is a great solution. I didn't like how the background color of the captions has CSS to make it appear black, but this was easily fixed with one custom CSS class: .simple-instagram-caption Currently using this plugin with Wordpress 4.8.7
19 Oktober 2017
10/10. No BS or 'Upgrade to Pro' trickery. Just a damn good plugin that does what it says and has a litany of customizable options via a decent CSS base stylesheet. Unlike the other sliders etc, actually parses the text/caption too. Well done guys and props for including so much functionality on a freeware basis. Appreciated!
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