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3 November 2017
It used to be one of my favorite and most used plugins, had it installed on every site i made, but today i tried using it on a website that had it installed for years and it's seems it's no longer compatible with the latest version of WP (4.8.3) or something because when i click on it's icon and the configuration selector is supposed to show up (this: https://ps.w.org/easy-columns/trunk/screenshot-2.png?rev=1538829) i actually get a Page not found window of the actual website instead. I thought reinstalling it would work, but it no longer shows up in search (in the wordpress backend, it might elsewhere), i guess that's WordPress's way of saying "Don't use it". It seems it not being updated in 4+ years has finally caught up with it. I'm giving it 1 star as a warning to others. Use the much better Column Shortcodes plugin instead, it has easily customizable padding and you can even access it from the text editor.
3 September 2016
Made my life considerably easier. Simple to use, even if you have to play around a bit to find the appropriate column ratios.
3 September 2016
you can do every layout you want, simply clicking the images and selecting the columun you want to create. Nested columns too!!! Thanks!
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