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DSmirror is a simple and efficient data replication solution. It enables database tables replication to (inbound) or from (outbound) WP,
synchronizing with and external DB. This plugin embeds client replication functionality with no additional requirements at WordPress site.
An external DSmirror agent must be launched with connectivity to your external database;
however, this agent does not require direct connectivity with your WP database or even your WP site.

Key benefits:

  1. Data can be easily loaded and synced in WordPress DB from an external database, enabling multiple use cases in combination with other plugins (custom reporting, forms, dynamic data validation,…)
  2. The opposite is also possible. WordPress data tables can be replicated to an external database, for data protection, monitoring, support or triggering any additional business process.
  3. Your external database can be anywhere. No direct connectivity with your WP environment or DB is required.
  4. Data is efficiently replicated with a sophisticated change tracking algorithm.
  5. Data is securely replicated with encrypted https based connections.
  6. Very simple setup. Just register for an appId and key at DSmirror, run the agent as a Docker container as described in DSmirror setup connect it to your external DB, setup the plugin and is done.

Tangkapan Layar

  • Find the DSmirror menu in Tools section once activated

Tanya Jawab

Do I need anything else in addition to the plugin?

Yes, you need to execute the DSmirror agent in a Linux or Windows workstation or server with Docker, with direct connectivity to your external database. However, this agent only needs Internet connection, no direct connectivity with your WordPress DB or server is required.

Is required any specific capability in my WordPress hosting environment?

No, only the capability to execute scheduled actions through standard WP_cron or any equivalent external scheduling mechanism. Check WP_cron for details.

Is a free service?

Yes, you only need to register using your email for getting a free AppId and secret to configure your plugin and agent. Register directly in the [DSMirror] or through the agent. It provides a single site license for replicating up to 3 tables and up to 100 rows per table. An unlimited low priced version is available at [DSMirror].

Can I use the same DSmirror appId in several sites?

From a licensing perspective, no unless explicitly granted. Technically, it can generate configuration issues and is not supported.

Can I use the same DSmirror agent to replicate from/to several sites?

No at this point. In the future a DSmirror agent will support several appId/secret pairs enabling multisite replication. However, you can launch several DSmirror agents in the same workstation/host providing you configure different ports for each one.

Can I use the same DSmirror agent to connect to different external databases?

As of today, you can only configure one database for inbound replication and one database for outbound replication (can be the same for both). In the future we will support configuring serveral databases for serving data.

What external database technologies are supported?

Currently MYSQL. In the near future we will add support to other DB technologies as Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQL Server.


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Log Perubahan


  • Initial version.


  • Fixed session management.
  • Fixed agent connection recovery from stand-by
  • Support WP 6.2