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MelAbu WP Download Counter Button


MelAbu WP Download Counter Button

The MelAbu WP Download Counter Button is designed as an assisting WordPress user plugin.
This MelAbu WP Download Counter button makes your users secure attention to your downloads.

It counts the number of downloads and displays it on the button, while it offers any file type or extern URL (e.g. DropBox) for download.
It gives you an overview of your downloads, so you are always up to date As for what your downloads.
And many more… Check it out !



  • Counts your downloads/clicks
  • Returns the current number of downloads/clicks
  • No page refresh required (duplicate downloads and singles)
  • Prevents double count (duplicate downloads and singles)
  • Multiple placeable (duplicates and singles)
  • Works in any post, page and text widget (Sidebars)
  • Can useable any File-Types (PDF, ZIP, MP3, MPEG…) or any URL
  • All downloads can be provided with a captcha
  • All downloads can be provided with a subscription & Subscription with name
  • Top 5 Widget
  • Label with infos
  • Full File Protection
  • Protects your download with a Password
  • Place your ads in the window
  • Simple select file from Media library or upload new or give the url
  • Download information overview with statistics of downloaded files
  • With Subscriber list with mailto function
  • Download and Subscriber Overview sort
  • SEO relevant option
  • Any document/file type, open the right window
  • Automaticly file permission change
  • Prevents without JavaScript (AJAX)
  • Supports http:// and https:// protocol


  • Shortcode to select from the media library a file
  • Custom your layout
  • Custom file password
  • Custom button name
  • Custom button label name
  • Custom button label datetime
  • Custom button label other
  • Custom button color
  • Custom button icon color
  • Custom button dashed pattern
  • Custom button label color
  • Custom button label logo
  • Custom thanks or/and subscriber or/and captcha – title & description
  • Custom ADS (Publish)
  • Show/Hide additional info box
  • Show/Hide additional count
  • Show/Hide additional modal
  • Show/Hide additional WP Dashicons or FontAwesome
  • Activate/Deactivate additional subscription
  • Activate/Deactivate additional captcha
  • Activate/Deactivate additional full protection
  • Subscriber overview mailto default settings
  • Refresh on downloads overview
  • Refresh on subscriber overview


  • Hide Counts for User ( Idea of )
  • External URLs can be used ( Idea of )
  • Short code default settings ( Idea of )


Works with all Major Browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer

Successfully tested with this Themes:

  • Twenty Ten
  • Twenty Eleven
  • Twenty Twelve
  • Twenty Thirteen
  • Twenty Fourteen
  • Twenty Fifteen
  • Twenty Sixteen



  • [wp_mb_plugin_download
    • instance=”xxx”
    • password=”xxx”
    • name=”Download”
    • buttonname=”Download”
    • datetime=”22.3.2016 02:16″
    • other=”v.0.9 (alpha)”
    • atagseo=”tag”
  • ]…URL…[/wp_mb_plugin_download]

    • instance: The instance is when individual always different and duplicate the same, that is must if they offer a file with the same URL to download the instance be the same.
    • password: You can add this parameter you download a password
    • name: You can choose the Download label name as example “My PhotoShop PSD Download”.
    • buttonname: You can choose the Download button name as example “My Download”.
    • datetime: This is generated automatically when you put the shortcode, this is the date when you submitted the file available.
    • other: This parameter can, for example, for the version or use something else.
    • atagseo: This parameter is the rel tag the same, you can see any information for rel tag by the W3C


  • For Support all (default English): Support


  • Development is fueled by your praise and feedback.

In like please support us so that we can continue to develop this plugin regularly.
In how you can support us so that we can further develop this plugin regularly, it may not always be financially, so you will give us feedback or recommend us, please give us a review, Liken our Facebook page or sponsor us, so that we further useful free plugins can develop.
You see, it is much more possible if you want to support something, thanks to all the Support Us.


  • English: Default, always included!
  • German: Deutsch – immer dabei!
  • Turkey: TΓΌrkΓ§e – herzaman!

All my plugins are localized/ translateable by default.
This is very important for all users worldwide.
So please contribute your language to the plugin to make it even more useful.
For translating I recommend the awesome “MeliBu WP Download Counter Button” and for validating the “Poedit Editor”.

Additional Info

Idea Behind
Help people have leightweight plugin with all features…


  • THX all translaters.

SEO CMS & prod3v3loper & SEO Hamburg

Tangkapan Layar

  • A small overview
  • Single
  • Single and Single
  • Duplicate and Single
  • Hide Counts for Users
  • You can adjust the settings easily so it fits your needs
  • Custom Title and Description for your Users
  • Check in the Subscription your subscribers
  • Check in the Overview your downloads
  • All Custom Settings
  • Place the Shortcode on any page or post
  • Place the Shortcode on MelAbu WP Download Counter Button Widget widget or in any text widget
  • To see your Top 5 downloads
  • Any document/file Type,this downloader open the right window (here image PNG)
  • Or here with MP3 file
  • And another file with PDF file type
  • Say Thank You! The Thanks Window shows a Modal with your custom text after clicking the download button
  • Activate MelAbu Subscription for Download
  • Activate MelAbu Subscription with Name for Download
  • Activate MelAbu Captcha for Download
  • Activate MelAbu Subscription and MelAbu Captcha for Download
  • Activate MelAbu Subscription with Name and MelAbu Captcha for Download
  • Check fields


WordPress installation:

Install MelAbu WP Download Counter Button via the plugin directory:

WordPress (Admin-Backend)

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New > search for download counter
  2. Press Install Now for the MelAbu WP Download Counter Button
  3. Press Activate Plugin

or by uploading the files automaticlly to WP Plugin Directory:

WordPress (Admin-Backend)

  1. Download the MelAbu WP Download Counter Button
  2. Remove from the zip file, the version number from to
  3. Go to Plugins > Add New > Install
  4. Upload the
  5. Press Install Now for the MelAbu WP Download Counter Button plugin
  6. Press Activate Plugin

or by uploading the files manually to WP Plugin Directory:

Manually (FTP)

  1. Download the MelAbu WP Download Counter Button
  2. Unzip the MelAbu WP Download Counter Button zip file
  3. Remove from the folder, the version number from /download-counter-button.1.3/ to /download-counter-button/
  4. Open your FTP Client to your Website
  5. Upload the /download-counter-button/ directory to the /wp-content/plugins/download-counter-button/
  6. Activate the plugin through the WP Plugins menu

Problems installing and updating ?

If there are problems with the installation or update, deactivate and then activate dishwasher again.
If that does not help then remove plug and re-install the newest version.

Tanya Jawab

How to use it?
  • With a click on the Download shortcode you can from the library a file you’ve already uploaded using
  • Or you can click the shortcode on the download upload a new file in the library and select
  • After selection of the file to the shortcode will be automatically created in the editor with the file that you have selected
  • Now when you save the page, the article or a text widget with the shortcode, you can see on your website where the shortcode is, YOUR DOWNLOAD now πŸ™‚
Works function twice with different instances?

No, a file with a specific URL can only have the same instance and should you even so have the duplicates are counted properly together.

How to use singles?

If you wish that everyone download his own counter has so use with every download shortcode in instance = “1” to another number.

How to use duplicates?

If you want to watch that is a download on a page multiple times to count, then you place these downloads the same instance = “1” and all be counted automatically when clicking on a download of very similar Instanze and file

The plugin binds fontawesome, do that many plugins, often are then integrated up to 6 times … there is the option that you can turn and use of elsewhere ?

Yes, you can FontAwesome depending on need to disable or enable.

Can I change colors?

Yes, you can change the button background color, icon background and the label background color.

Can I change the layout?

Yes, you can Choose between different layouts.

Can I add a image?

Yes, you can select a image to upload on your download.

Note: For another questions please contact us.


2 September 2019
After activating the plugin, 2 pages built with Toolset completely stopped working, afer disabling this plugin, they still didn’t work and after deleting this plugin the site is still broken and the Toolset layouts display errors. I couldn’t believe it so I restored a Backup and did it again, same behaviour. Stay away from this plugin!
2 November 2016
Nice add in. Had a minor issue (my fault) and the developer was very responsive.
19 Oktober 2016 1 balasan
Well, this looks like a 14-year old boy did the design. sorry, completely awful, no way to integrate it to my page.
Baca semua 5 ulasan

Kontributor & Pengembang

“MelAbu WP Download Counter Button” adalah perangkat lunak open source. Berikut ini mereka yang sudah berkontribusi pada plugin ini.


Log Perubahan


Various bugs have been fixed


Various bugs have been fixed:

  • Remove unused posts and gets
  • Fix calling file locations


Various bugs have been fixed:

  • Add sanitize all $_POST
  • Add esc_url(), esc_html(), esc_attr(), esc_sql() on outputs


Various bugs have been fixed:

  • Remove ADS option on Modal (WP close plugin)


Various bugs have been fixed:

  • Fix download widget colors
  • Example images fixed
  • Again no type/size was fixed on remote files with .exe extention


Adding new:

  • Add icons on downloads widget

Various bugs have been fixed:

  • No type/size was fixed on remote files


Various bugs have been fixed:

  • Button design settings was fixed
  • Fixed min width from button

Version 1.8.6

Adding new:

  • Added more icons in overviews

Various bugs have been fixed:

  • Language files was fixed

Version 1.8.5

Adding new:

  • Added external URL downloads
  • WP Dashicons in frontend have been added
  • Download and subscriber overview external and internal link references were added

Various bugs have been fixed:

  • External URLs with queries in the Downloader and Subscriber Overview have been cleaned
  • Update deface fixed, add flush_rewrite_rules() for successfully update
  • JavaScript for downloads has been parsed
  • In the backend, plugin icons were fontawesome exchanged for wp dashicons

Version 1.8.0

Adding new:

  • Add full file protection
  • File password attribute to the short code
  • Automaticly file permission changing for successful download
  • Add Sort function for download number and time, subscribers name and time
  • Shut invitees list images will be shown, unless it does not work with the new full file protection provided

Various bugs have been fixed:

  • Mailto function has been revised
  • Without AJAX not insert, now fixed
  • Update duplicate column fixed
  • Admin area responsive design has been revised

Version 1.7.1

Adding new:

  • Subscribers surface was added mailto function
  • Subscribers and download surfactant were added clickable URL

Various bugs have been fixed:

  • Had Widget some errors without AJAX and AJAX, was fixed
  • Corrected wrong variable

Version 1.7

Adding new:

  • Button name attribute to the short code
  • A new documentation has been added
  • Shortcode default settings have been added
  • Add https protocol
  • Add loading to the modal
  • Add instance number for file in Download overview

Various bugs have been fixed:

  • File not found (path error) fixed Plugin is not working
  • WP ajax was not used, was fixed, now is used wp ajax
  • Translation has been revised
  • Datetime in shortcode has been adapted to its own WP date and GMT fixed

Version 1.6

Adding new:

  • MelAbu Copyright optional

Various bugs have been fixed:

  • Widget load core file, now removed
  • Empty Premium areas, now removed
  • Static overview timeformat fixed for all users and languages
  • Failed links corrected
  • Design Icon color was incorrectly, now fixed

Version 1.5.2

Adding new:

  • Subscription with Name
  • Download subscription (with Name) and captcha (without JS/AJAX)
  • Download subscription (with Name) and captcha for Top Five Widget (without JS/AJAX)

Various bugs have been fixed:

  • Subscribers overview pagination corrected
  • Downloads overview pagination corrected


Various bugs have been fixed:

  • Missing columns in the database were fixed in update

Version 1.5.0

Adding new:

  • Added About Page

Various bugs have been fixed:

  • Shortcode in widget not work, now fixed.
  • Fix database errors duplicate columns

Version 1.4.9

All Code now in OOP programmed

Adding new:

  • Added Download TOP 5 widget

Various bugs have been fixed:

  • Fixed update error.

    • If an error with the message, the plugin was disabled appears (download-counter-button/download_counter_button.php or download-counter-button/download-counter-button.php)
    • If there are problems with the installation or update, deactivate and then activate dishwasher again.

    If that does not help:
    To keep the data that are available, back up the tables in the database and melibu_dcb melibu_dcb_sub and add again after installation.
    Then remove plug and re-install the newest version.

Version 1.4.5

Adding new:

  • Added Count for User show/hide option
  • Added Subscriber activate/deactivate option
  • Added Subscriber Overview
  • Added Captcha

Various bugs have been fixed:

  • Fixed text-domain
  • Fixed MelAbu Admin Overview
  • Fixed outdated function mime_content_type()


Adding new:

Added short shortcode Description

Various bugs have been fixed:

  • Update primary key, fixed
  • Uninstall delete all data fixed
  • Languages fixed


Various bugs have been fixed:

  • Database error on install fixed
  • Database error on update fixed

Version 1.4.2

Adding new:

Shortcode otpion

  • The shortcode accesses now directly the media library for select of the download file

Various bugs have been fixed:

  • Responsive layout fixed
  • Download Button layout fixed
  • Flat colors now without border-radius for real flatness
  • Image in download info box fixed

Version 1.4.1


  • FontAwesome 4.6.1

Various bugs have been fixed:

  • Duplicate instance crash, fixed
  • Javascript fixed

Version 1.4.0

Adding new:

Responsive Design

  • Basic Admin Panel


  • Now support all File Types
  • Downloads have Page-Navigation
  • Downloads set Setting per Page

Various bugs have been fixed:

  • Wp Editor Shortcode not filled with instance, now fixed.
  • MelAbu Grid-System fixed for other Theme and Plugin grids.

Version 1.3.7

Adding new:


  • Jerman
  • Turkey


  • Flat-Colors for more Design combination.
  • Can be placeble a image in the infobox.

Various bugs have been fixed:

  • Clicking on the count in the Downloads led not as desired for goal but gave an error has been fixed (“Download –>(34)<–“)
  • Bownload-n, Cancel- and Goto Download-Button text-decoration was removed.
  • Organisation designs, fixed.
  • The latest version has not held the last time without JS, was fixed.
  • jQuery was removed and written only required pure Javascript Code (& AJAX) * FULL PERFORMENCE *

Version 1.3.3

Adding new:

Can be placeble multiple

  • [download instance=”1″… ]…URL-1…[/download]
  • [download instance=”2″… ]…URL-2…[/download]
  • [download instance=”3″… ]…URL-3…[/download]
  • [download instance=”4″… ]…URL-4…[/download]

Can be placeble duplicate

  • [download instance=”1″… ]…URL-1…[/download]
  • [download instance=”1″… ]…URL-1…[/download]

Can be placeble in a any text widget

  • [download instance=”1″ name=”Name in the Label” datetime=”14.1.2016 04:07″ other=”v.0.9″]…URL…[/download]

Button Icon color

  • Change the button icon color different

2 Layouts

  • Organisation II
  • Organisation III

Various bugs have been fixed:

  • On Downlods tab downloads badge width corrected
  • CSS design corrected

Version 1.1.9

Adding new:

Add new overview with Download data with refresh function

  • file url
  • file name
  • file type
  • file size
  • file download counts
  • file last access

Various bugs have been fixed:

  • On Update process produce duplicate id, was resolved
  • Change main language in english for other translations

Version 1.1.1

Adding new:


  • Add optional modal
  • Cancel oppurtunity in the thanks window
  • File information in the label is supplemented with the type

Various bugs have been fixed:

  • Right-click didn’t counted the downloads, even prevented
  • If JavaScript was turned off the download wasn’t count, corrected now.
  • Few times the button hasn’t a hover and an active effect, also corrected.
  • Uninstall didn’t removed all register, was resolved

Version 1.0.8

File counter was disabled and is completely removed after v.1.5

The old version included 1.0 files in where previously downloaded number will be replaced, in which you read out and store it in the database,
save after the file automatically removed.

Adding new:


  • FontAwesome option introduced. You can decide whether you use MB Download Counter button with or without FontAwesome now.
  • The thanks window was a title field in the backend edit enabled, now you can type your own title.

Various bugs have been fixed:

  • Security fix is the count of downloads.
  • In the window thanks x to close was removed.
  • Plain counting text has been removed.
  • Color selection has not held the color in the select field to pick, also fixed.
  • Updated plugin hasn’t been completed (If you have not installed version 1.0, even disable the plugin and re-enable it already, you can update the plugin)

Version 1.0

First Release

The tnado Team