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Dismiss Privacy Nag


Dismiss Privacy Pointer Nag, (added in version 4.9.6 — partially GDPR OFF) and admin notification, when it is activated, or if it is in mu-plugins directory.

Development takes place at GitHub and Travis CI. Compatible with GlotPress Translations.

Approved in the repository of the plugin directory on 2018-05-09

If you need to completely disable and remove all Privacy Tools, Privacy Pointers, Privacy Notifications Nag, you can useDismiss Privacy Tools“.


Based to the Detailed Guidelines 11 principle: should not hijack the admin dashboard.

  • Users prefer and expect plugins to feel like part of WordPress.
  • Constant nags and overwhelming the admin dashboard with unnecessary alerts detract from this experience.
  • Upgrade prompts, notices, alerts, and the like must be limited in scope and used sparingly, be that contextually or only on the plugin’s setting page.
  • Site wide notices or embedded dashboard widgets must be dismissible or self-dismiss when resolved.
  • Error messages and alerts must include information on how to resolve the situation, and remove themselves when completed.

Because I made this?

Seem that the new privacy pointer is not totally auto dismissible when is clicked one of the any admin menu links, for example:

Add an admin pointer for new privacy features in version 4.9.6:

  • The new features are very important for some users, because of their GDPR obligations.
  • They’re also spread across multiple top-level menus, making them less discoverable.
  • An admin pointer will help to ensure that users are aware of the new tools and how to find them.

Props desrosj, andreamiddleton, allendav, xkon. Fixes #43942?

Technical References

Translators: leave all technical references in English!

Dismiss all the new feature pointers.

@since 3.3.0

All pointers can be disabled using the following:

remove_action( ‘admin_enqueue_scripts’, array( ‘WP_Internal_Pointers’, ‘enqueue_scripts’ ) ); # This work but “unfortunately” as alternative solution that remove all pointers!

@param string $hook_suffix The current admin page.

Dismiss a pointer for the new privacy tools.

@since 4.9.6

Privacy pointer can be disabled using the following:

remove_action( ‘admin_print_footer_scripts’, array( ‘WP_Internal_Pointers’, ‘pointer_wp496_privacy’ ) ); # This for now not work: due a bug? Investigating… wp496_privacy ???

@param string $hook_suffix The current admin page.


Issue (bug) fixed by my brother Garrett Hyder and tested from Pascal Birchler (swissspidy): refer to Ticket 45529 opened by Dale Harrison.

Thanks to Ross McKay (webaware) and Stephen Edgar (netweb) to support me in New Zealander (English) translations, in some typo errors, and some minor (English) error stuff.

Thanks to Fernando Tellado (fernandot) and Nilo Velez to support me in Spanish translations.

Thanks to all!


A neat trick, is to put this single file dismiss-privacy-nag.php (not its parent directory) in the /wp-content/mu-plugins/ directory (create it if not exists) so you won’t even have to enable it, and will be loaded by default, also, since first step installation of WordPress setup!

Also, for translation functionality, put all files of the single languages ( for example) that you need (not its parent directory) in the /wp-content/mu-plugins/ directory (create it if not exists) and will also be loaded by default, since first step installation of WordPress setup!

Note that mu-plugins functionality is available since WP 2.8+ or greater and is not present in WP 2.7+ or previous.

About it

The code of this plugin is not written with a PHP framework, but manually, with a simple PHP editor compatible UTF-8 without BOM, and Unix LF. To avoid code corruption, do not edit it with WordPress embedded editor, or with any specifications incompatible editor. This author is exonerated from any responsibility or damage (directly or indirectly) caused and due to the use of this bad practice.

super light secure and fast plugin easy on server resources

About me

Dismiss Privacy Nag is developed by Luciano Croce, 13-years “officially” WordPress Plugins & Themes Developer Senior, Co-Author of plugin Classic Editor, polyglot (based on English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Ligurian), GTE en_GB & en_CA, PTE for Plugins & Themes in more languages, PTE for Italian & Plugins & Themes Directory, Local Manager of Ligurian Language Community for WP LIJ, Validator English (UK) for, translator for my & other projects, book author of TRUE DOS (the dark side of its history from the dark side of its users) Code Tweaker & Bug Hunter, Security Mechanic & WPMU Lover, Freelancer & Volunteer.


This plugin does not collect or store any user related data or personally identifying information, does not set any cookies, and it does not connect to any third-party websites. It only uses functionality that is available in WordPress. In those terms, it does not affect your website users’ privacy in any way.


This plugin does not collect or store any user related data or personally identifying information, but does not do anything to make your site less GDPR compliant. I have done my best to ensure that is 100% GDPR compliant, but I’m not a lawyer, so can’t guarantee anything. To determine if your site is GDPR compliant, please consult a lawyer.


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Log Perubahan

Approved in the plugin directory on 2018-05-09

Detailed changes are available on GitHub.


Release Date: January 14, 2019

  • Solved issue that can’t correctly remove (wp496_privacy) from privacy pointer.
  • Aligned the version number of Dismiss Privacy Tools with that of Dismiss Privacy Nag.


Release Date: December 07, 2018

  • Bumping version (unofficial release) waiting this issue.


Release Date: May 10, 2018

  • Public initial commit


Release Date: May 08, 2018

  • GitHub initial commit