One page checkout and layouts for woocommerce


One Page Checkout and Layouts simplifies the checkout process. It combines all the features of cart and checkout on one single page.Above all user can change quantity and remove products at same page using ajax.
As a result it helps to merge the cart page and checkout page and gives users a faster checkout experience, with less interruption and more happy customers for your online business.

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Choose from predefined layouts and customize the design from color tab.

Features Of One Page Checkout and Layouts for Woocommerce

  • Fast and intuitive one page checkout
  • Skip Cart and redirect to Checkout
  • Change Quatity on same page
  • Ajax supported all sections
  • Predefined Layouts
  • Mobile Friendly

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Features Of Pro Version

Pro version removes the restrictions of manually customizing the checkout page. It add-ons 3 more layouts and provides you a customizer option to completely change the look and feel of checkout page.

  • Multi Step layout , Accordian Layout ,Customizer Panel
  • Order table 2 Design
  • Hide order notes
  • Show/hide Billing And shipping Fields
  • Change labels,Placeholders and Required sections for Billing sections
  • Best for Digital products
  • Custom design your checkout.
  • Color Panel for Tabs

Choose from predefined layouts and customize the design from color tab.

In short it reduces cart abandonment .Customers can view products and their description ,and can apply coupon without leaving the page and waiting for a new page to load.Also there is a section to login for previous customers.All notices appear at the top of the page.

To sum up One Page Checkout and Layouts has  below features:

Single Page Checkout

This plugin helps you to sum up all the features of cart and checkout at one page.So No users need to refresh the page for searching ,quantity change or payment.Everthing is done on same page using ajax. A MultiStep or section layout on this page make every section visible in single page checkout to let the customers engaged.

Skip Cart Page And Quick Checkout

The whole idea working upon decreasing the lengthy checkout process .For this one page checkout skips the cart page and redirect users for direct checkout page.

Change Quantity and Remove Products

This feature let the users to review their order right before payment.So they can change quantity or remove products as per their requirements.

Color Panel

Customize color of your checkout page headers,sections and button using global settings panel.

Tangkapan Layar

  • frontend checkout page 3-column-layout
  • 2-column-layout
  • admin settings panel
  • removing products and changing qty Using ajax


Open WordPress admin panel and go to Plugins >> Add New and Search “One Page Checkout and Layouts” at here, You will find our plugin “by coolcoders”. Click on Install button in front of this and then activate the plugin.

To go to setting panel in backend follow Dashboard->Checkout layouts.


17 April 2024
Free Version is running on my site. Paid version is not. I wrote to support if they can help me out – no answer. After a while i asked for refund – no answer. Take my $21 and be happy. I would never buy from you again!
6 Desember 2023
I have used other popular “WooCom” plugins. This is the best of all. Very modern user-friendly interface, and best features for design. However, there’s only one problem. When I tried to remove checkout fields, it only removes the titles, labels, placeholders…. while the input box remains their. I had to use CSS to remove them. Developers should take care of that. Otherwise, it’s a 10/10 plugin for the purpose of optimizing your Checkout Page.
7 Januari 2022 1 balasan
The only thing this plugin does is skip the cart page. But the checkout did not change at all. Still the same checkout. I expected to have a shortcode to call your checkout page, but there is no mention of it in the documentation. And the tab “how to setup” only leads to advertising for the pro version. The “contact” link on the plugin homepage leads to a contact form, that can only be used with a purchasing code – obviously, something that comes with the Pro version. I wanted to ask for help first. But since I am not allowed to ask for help, the review is my only way to communicate my problem with your plugin.
3 Januari 2022
+ 1 page cart check out + quantity for checkout + picture and product link for check out + better field order for check out all that is free The appearance for the free version is slightly messy. U need just slightly adjust the css. i bought premium to reward the developers. The css is slightly better there but still needs work. Great plugin!
12 September 2021 1 balasan
One Page Checkout and Layouts is indeed the very best of its kind, and so is the support! It was easy to set up and use, when I found a problem with larger sale quantities missing the last digit, Rupinder was very helpful and patient while showing this .css beginner how to customise that setting to my requirements. He really deserves more than 5 stars from me!
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Log Perubahan

Version 4.0.0| 22 Nov 2023

 Improvement: Removed Replaced Text section.
 Improvement: Added customize checkout section.
 Improvement: setting panel to change field billing and shipping fields name,required fields and placeholders .

Version 3.2.0| 22 july 2022

 Improvement: Compatibility Issues Tested.
 Improvement: Coupon Set as default due to errors.

Version 3.1.0| 23 May 2022

 Improvement: Errors removed for 'Page' variable.
 Improvement: Tested compatibility for Berberry, avada and Flatsome Theme .
 Improvement: Tested compatibility for woocommerce Germanized.
 Improvement: Revised hooks for 'Order review section' and 'Payment section' .
 Improvement: Coupon section added as popup.
 Improvement: Improvements in css.

Version 3.0.2| 10 Apr 2022

 Improvement: Errors removed from qty section.
 Improvement: Header border style improvement .

Version 3.0| 22 mar 2022

 Improvement: Version Updated and Tested.
 Improvement: Order style option added
 Improvement: css improvements and removed important tags.
 Improvement: cmb2 library updated .
 Improvement: Header border style improvement .

Version 2.12| 22 Dec 2021

 Improvement: Version Updated and Tested.

Version 2.11| 08 August 2021

 Improvement: Hide Notes section added.
 Improvement: Version Updated and Tested.

Version 2.10| 06 July 2021

 Improvement: Changes to Replace Text issues.
 Improvement: Version Updated and Tested.

Version 2.9| 06 June 2021

 Improvement: Changes to Translation issues.
 Improvement: Version Updated and Tested.

Version 2.8| 19 Mar 2021

 Improvement: Changes to Plugin name.
 Improvement: Sanitization Performed , Escape functions.

Version 2.7| 23 Feb 2021

 Improvement: Checkout Widget for Elementor.  
 Improvement: Mobile comaptibility for 425 px. 
 Improvement: Comapatibility Test with wordpress and woocommerce New Versions.

Version 2.6| 15 Dec 2020

 Improvement: Comapatibility Test with wordpress and woocommerce New Versions. 

Version 2.5| 28 Sep 2020

 Improvement: Pro version notification removed. 
 Improvement: Padding issue solved for order table.
 Improvement: Compatibily tested for new version.

Version 2.4| 12 Aug 2020

 Improvement: Intro improved. 
 Improvement: Version updates and testing compatibility.

Version 2.3| 11 July 2020

 Improvement: Qty section height Sortable
 Improvement: Custom class for labels removes
 Improvement: Removed Positions due to issues.  
 Improvement: Removed order table ajax and extra files for order table
 Improvement: Backorders Aloowed in qty.
 Improvement: Variation section design.

Version 2.2| 24 May 2020

 Improvement: label section for errors
 Improvement: Custom class for labels
 Improvement: Removed Positions due to issues.  

Version 2.1| 21 May 2020

 Improvement: Custom Setting Panel For easy User interface
 Improvement: Customize panel for all Billing ,order,payment sections.
 Improvement: Redirection link for activation.

Version 2.0| 13 April 2020

 Improvement: Go Pro button Added.
 Improvement: Order table design issue.

Version 1.9| 23 Febraury 2020

 Improvement: Ship to different country issue  Checked.
 Improvement: Tested for new woocommerce version.

Version 1.8| 13 Febraury 2020

 Improvement: Major Change in layouts tables .
 Improvement: Sorted for comaptibility issue with new woocommerce version.
 Improvement: cart+checkout layout introduce.

Version 1.7| 1 Febraury 2020

 Improvement: Payment section refresh on update checkout.
 Improvement: Shipping price with tax .
 Improvement: Qty unchangeable option .

Version 1.6| 20 January 2020

 Improvement: Qty + And - Buttons added.
 Improvement: Css tweaks .
 Improvement: Order notes section added.
 Improvement: Hooks improvements.
 Improvement: Ratings Pattern added.
 Improvement: Compatible with loco traslate.

Version 1.5| 1 November 2019

 Improvement: Shipping issue resolved.
 Improvement: Skip cart optional .
 Improvement: Config errors  removed.
 Improvement: Stripe img issue resolved.

Version 1.4| 25 August 2019

 Improvement: Tabbed Setting Panel.
 Improvement: 2 Section layout for checkout .
 Improvement: css tweaks.
 Improvement: Adjustment billing section.
 Improvement: Search section removed.

Version 1.3| 30 july 2019

 Improvement: New Setting Panel.
 Improvement: New Customization options.

Version 1.2| 12 july 2019

 Improvement: Search section.
 Improvement: Css tweaks.

Version 1.1| 06 may 2019

 Improvement: added change quantity option.
 Improvement: added remove button to remove produts.
 Improvement: deactivation hook added.
 Improvement: Skip cart page.

First Release