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CRM for WooCommerce By GetScorecard


CRM for WooCommerce By GetScorecard

This plugin extends WooCommerce into a full Contact, Sales and Production Management system.

With this plugin you can manage your customer relationships and your business processes. When you get an order you can drag and drop it through every stage in your business until it is shipped out the door.

From a WooCommerce Sale you can automatically

Add a new contact to the CRM

Attach the sale to a Contact in the CRM

Add the sales to your production stage Pipeline

Add a tasks in the CRM to help complete the sale

In GetScorecard you can

Integrate sent and received email to your contacts.

Segment your contacts, by adding tags.

Create email lists for marketing.

Manage Tasks and assign them to other users in your business.

Manage your sales through your business processes.

Make calendar appointments and reminders.

Getting Started

As easy as 1,2,3

1) Install the CRM for WooCommerce By GetScorecard plugin.

2) Create a free GetScorecard account through the setup page in the plugin

3) Once the account is linked future sales will appear in GetScorecard.

Support is provided via


CRM for WooCommerce By GetScorecard

This plugin extends WooCommerce by linking it to the GetScorecard CRM Cloud software allowing you to fully manage sales created in WooCommerce.

GetScorecard is a CRM for small business that offers a free and paid CRM cloud based service. It includes Contact Management, Sales Management and Production Management


You can find support via http://

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Tangkapan Layar

  • GetScorecard Contact List - Manage your contacts created with each sale. Add tags to segment your customers.

  • GetScorecard Contact Record - Send emails from the Contact Record in have replies link to the customer record.

  • GetScorecard Sales List - WooCommerce sales appear in your sales list

  • GetScorecard Pipeline - Sales will appear in the pipeline so you can manage the order through Sales, Production and Shipping. Drag and Drop the orders through each stage.

  • GetScorecard Task Manager - Set and manage tasks for you and your team

  • GetScorecard Calendar - You can set appointments, task reminders and other entries into the calendar.

Tanya Jawab

Is CRM for WooCommerce By GetScorecard plugin free?
Yes the plugin and an account on GetScorecard is free

Is my data secure?
Yes – GetScorecard uses SSL to secure data in transit.

Can I download my data from GetScorecard.
Yes, All data can be downloaded in multiple format

Can I upload contacts into GetScorecard?
Yes you can upload contacts in CSV format or from Google.


14 Desember 2017
When i try to login on plugin page, i get HTTP ERROR 500 from getscorecard page. Useless.
14 November 2016
After installing the plugin start make make 2000 fake orders. If this is not enough than the plugin start create for all the product variation own product. So now I have 6700!product in my store :@ :@ The guys they not responding to any question or email....
3 September 2016
I needed something to manage the orders I get from WooCommerce on my stores and this plugin and the CRM have made it very easy. I now have WooCommerce , etsy and contact form 7 contacts all in one place. The drag and drop order manager is really cool. I set up my own stages and now everyone knows where the orders are in the process.
3 September 2016
"Once the account is linked future sales will appear in GetScorecard." -No thank you, I like to keep my data as private as possible. Not only that, but who says the data won't be held hostage later one? What happens if the company goes out of business?
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