Country & Phone Field Contact Form 7


Plugin is type of addon of wordpress contact form 7 plugin. This plugin add new two fields. Country list and country phone extensions list. This plugin help user create a country drop-down list with country flags. User have no needs manually adding countries name in standard drop-down field of contact form 7.

* Contact form 7 must be active plugin.

Recommended Plugins

The following plugins are recommended for Contact Form 7 users:

  • Contact form 7 by takayukister – With Conact form 7, you can use this plugin. Without contact form 7 this plugin have no needs.

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  1. Upload the entire country-phone-field-contact-form-7 folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Kindly make sure ‘contact form 7’ plugin active before activate this plugin.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Setup default country, include, preferred and exclude countries settings from contact >> CPF settings.

You will find two new fields type in your contact form 7 field list.


How to set default selected country?

Add default country iso code from settings section. Contact >> CPF Settings

How to set preferred countries list?

Add preferred countries iso code from settings section. Contact >> CPF Settings. Example: us,in,ca,gb

How to set only selected or exclude countries list?

Add only selected countries iso code from settings section. Contact >> CPF Settings. Example: us,in,ca,gb

How disable country dial code (+)?

Enable option for dial code disable form plugin settings. Contact >> CPF Settings.


Mei 3, 2019
excellent plugin just needs to use callbacks so we can roll back in case any new update is not compatible with the website and that happened to me with one of the website . i could not roll back to the older version and i could not download it from anywhere else .
April 28, 2019
Its comfortable to have Country & Phone Fields in Contact Form 7. Good plugin
April 6, 2019
Thanks for this plugin, i have tested and wasted quite a lot of time with other plugins for doing this. Finally found the one that works and is being upgraded when needed. Thanks
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First version of plugin.

* Update FAQs
* Tested with wordpress 5.0

* Add phone and country dropdown settings.
* Made countries include, exclude and preferred list dynamic and admin managable.
* Resolve support issues.

* Add geo location functionality for default country select.
* fix settings fatal error.
* Add plugin profile icon
* fixed php warning message for file_get_contents() call geo_ip location.
* add option for disable country dial code from phone extension drop-down.
* add option for enable auto country select.
* tested required attribute. It is working fine.
* placeholder option tested and it is working fine.
* fixed and warning message error.
* added new faq.
* Added phone number field number values validation.
* Bug fix phone number field number values validation.
* fix countries code issues. Convert to lowercase.
* fixed phone number validation bug.