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30 Mei 2020
The drag and drop function doesn't show anything, templates and skins are uglier than simple HTML ones
3 Oktober 2019
Tested this and it seems to work just fine, however its quite complicated to set up and, for me, was slower than using the default Contact Form 7 editor. It does help if you want to change the style of the forms on your site and don't know html but if you are looking for a simple drag and drop try interface such as you may have come across on other form plugins then this may confuse you. I was looking at it for a clients site but I don't think they would be able to work out how to use it.
20 April 2019
I have found the skins great for appearance, but cannot find enough help to know how to use is correctly and my whole form keeps getting messed up :(. REALLY disappointed in the support for this and for CF7. Almost every tutorial is done by someone who is ESL and is not understandable. 🙁
31 Oktober 2018
The plugin does not support AMP, AMP for WP. My support ticket was closed today without any explanation. Also a year ago there was another problem with the radio checkboxes. Until now I didn't receive any news. They told me that CF7 changed their code and the logic with radio checkboxes do not work as expected.
26 Februari 2018
The templates are pretty good. Maybe to modernize a little bit to make them more modern (2018) Works well. The support is very responsive and kind. Works with a lot of CF7 plugin, and does not crash or crush, the other CF7 plugins, which is rare. $ Other CF7 design plugins, overwrites the main CF7 plugins. This one is not 🙂 I will take pro version, I finished test with free version. thank you for your kindness
29 Desember 2017
Short and sweet - this works with pleasant looking forms that don't detract from the purpose of the form: to get them filled in. Thanks - you saved me a bunch of fiddling around with stylesheets.
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