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CBX Flexible Countdown


Different types of countdown styles are packed in a single countdown plugin with all flexible option to customize from the plugin options panel.

CBX Flexible Countdown by Codeboxr

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🛄 Core Plugin Features

✨ Three Countdown Styles

  • Light (Step Countdonwn).
  • Circular Countdown
  • KK(Text Based)

🧲 Integration

  • Classic Widget
  • Elementor Widget
  • WPBakery Addon
  • Gutenberg Block
  • Shortcode
  • Custom Function call
  • Demo and shortcode builder at backend

⚙️ Flexible Options

  • Event Start Date
  • Event Start Hour
  • Event Start Minute
  • Count Number Color (On Responsive)
  • Show & Hide Second Countdown

⌛ Light Countdown Specific Option

  • Text Color (On Responsive)
  • Event Start Minute
  • Count Number Color
  • Count Number Color (On Responsive)
  • Count Number Background Color
  • Text Color
  • Text Color (On Responsive)
  • Text Background Color

⏱ Circular Countdown Specific Option

  • Background Color
  • Count Number And Text Color
  • Text Color (On Responsive)
  • Seconds Border Color
  • Minutes Border Color
  • Hours Border Color
  • Days Border Color
  • Circle Border Width

🔢 KK Countdown Specific Option

  • Countdown Font Size
  • Countdown Number Color
  • Countdown Text Color

📱💻 Responsive at the Best

  • Responsive from Desktop to Mobile
  • Special Widget position responsive optimize
  • Works in all device

🔝 More Features

  • Can set date
  • Can set hours
  • Can set minutes
  • Can choose background color
  • Can choose font color
  • Can choose circle color for days, hours minutes and seconds

💎 Pro Version Available

👉 Get the pro
We tried to integrate the plugin with 6 most popular event plugin to show the event count for any event date

📥 ️Supported Plugins:

🆕 New Features

  • Optional Event plugin selection and event id selection from widget
  • If the pro addon plugin is active the shortcode will support two extra params(see below) as well as our direct function call will support same type param or argument extra. If the extra params plugin and id is used then it will override the provided date , hour, minute via shortcode or widget and will show from the relevent plugin as selected

🔩 Installation

  1. WordPress has clear documentation about how to install a plugin
  2. After install activate the plugin “CBX Flexible Countdown” through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. You’ll now see a sub menu called “CBX Countdown” under setting, start from there, read documentation
  4. Use shortcode or widget as you need.
  5. If need try our proaddon for extra features

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  • CBX Flexible Countdown


15 Maret 2020
Great countdown plugin. Easy to use and looks great! The plugin was simple to install and configure. I would highly recommend the plugin because of the ease of use.
23 Januari 2018
I had a problem with the previous version, that didn't show the text box to write the date, but this version works perfect. thank you ------------------ Páginas web y Marketing Digital Riobamba
3 September 2016
I had some initial problems, but the developer did an excellent job of identifying and fixing the issue.
3 September 2016
Best looking timer options I've seen. When I emailed with a problem, the developer answered almost immediately, identified the problem (someone else plug-in) which allowed a quick solution.
3 September 2016
Works exactly as it should. I'm using the circular countdown and it's perfect.
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Log Perubahan


  • [Bug Fix] Circular and Light countdown css now flow flex based display and centered easily
  • [Improvement] Some minor improvements


  • [Bug Fix] Minor bug fix for elementor


  • [Bug Fix] WPBakery Page builder addon added


  • [New] Single click copy shortcode from setting page
  • [New] Allow hide second countdown for all type countdown
  • [New] Addded support for WPBakery page builder
  • [Improvement] Admin Style improved more


  • [Bug Fix] Elementor pro addon compatibility fix
  • [New] Admin Style improved


  • Backend setting easy shortcode copy option
  • Backend setting page with demo for different type countdown
  • Elementor Widget
  • Gutenberg Block


  • [Improvement] Compressed and optimized loading of js and css for all countdown


  • [Bug fix] Widget title display fixed
  • [Critial] This is a major update or recreation of the plugin from the ground. There are change in shortcode parameters, please check documentation as updating to this version will break previous shortcode and plugin setting option saved.


  • [Bug fix] Date picket format bug in widget
  • [Bug fix] Date picket format bug in global setting
  • [Bug fix] Date picket format bug in shortcode visual picker


  • Minor bug fixes
  • This change impact the pro addon, so update your copy


  • Fixed color chooser issue in visual shortcode popup window


  • Fixed bug for circular with bootstrap conflict
  • Removed general name for constant ‘VERSION’ and replaced with ‘CBXFCVERSION’


  • First Release