Change Password Protected Message


Want a simple way to change the message displayed on Password Protected posts/pages? This plugin will add an option to the “Settings > Reading” page in your dashboard so you can do just that.

“This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:” can be changed to any text you prefer.

This plugin will also remove the “Protected” text from the title. So “Protected: Page Title” would become “Page Title”.

There may be some themes which are not compatible with this plugin. If you experience any issues changing the message, please post in the support forum and we can help find a solution that will work on your site.

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  • Settings page.


6 November 2019
Allows to insert HTML code in the "Password required" message. This allows, in combination with some CSS, to build nice looking dialogs.
8 Juni 2019
Simple, and does exactly what it says it will do. Simple and quick to implement. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
23 Maret 2019
Not sure why something straightforward such as this is is not built into WP. Wanted to change the text asking users to enter a passwords, and this plugin did a fine job.
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  • Remove colon from Divi theme (again).


  • Remove colon from Divi theme.


  • Compatibility with WPML.


  • Compatibility with ‘Shapely’ theme.


  • Remove “Protected: ” from the title text.
  • Compatibility with the ‘Divi’ theme (again).


  • Compatibility with the ‘Divi’ theme.


  • Initial release.