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CBX Multi Criteria Rating & Review System


This is full featured multi criteria rating system. Our target was creating a rating system something like amazon but inside wordpress eco system. The plugin is coded thinking developers in mind so that it can be extended as need. Plugin is packed with necessary shortcodes, widgets, easy templates system, custom and easy php functions, huge settings.

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Key Features

  • Multi Criteria 5 star rating system
  • Multi Forms comatible(every form has different setting for rating)
  • Question bank with 6 types question formats
  • Review/Comment with optional headline or short review text
  • Extensive and Extendable setting Api
  • Post types support control
  • Email Templates and Alerts (For Admin and user both)
  • Frontend User Dashboard for (User can edit their review from frontend and see the previous reviews)
  • Shortcodes(9 Shortcodes for different presentations, more will come in future)
  • Widgets(Two widgets and more will come in future)
  • Moderation – Admin can set default status and control publishing
  • Templating system, most important presentation loads from templates folder inside the plugin which can be extended
  • Automatic integration of rating avg before content for archive pages, for single details pages rating avg before content and rating form & review list after content (Can be enable/disable from setting)
  • Custom Functions for custom integration
  • See the proaddons for pro features
  • We promise to bring new features and integration when it is possible with in free core or via pro addon

Admin Features:

  • Delete or Publish, Unpublish, Spam mark Reviews from admin listing
  • Delete review by deleting avg from admin listing
  • Edit review from admin panel
  • View review details from admin panel
  • Reset setting and full refresh with one click
  • Edit email templates and setting from admin setting


  • Show Rating & Review Form [cbmscratingreview_reviewform]
  • Show Rating avg [cbmscratingreview_postavgrating]
  • Show any post’s ratings and reviews [cbmscratingreview_postreviews]
  • Frontend user dashboard [cbmscratingreview_userdashboard]
  • Show Single review [cbmscratingreview_singlereview]
  • Single Review edit view [cbmscratingreview_editreview]
  • Most Rated posts [cbmscratingreviewmrposts]
  • Latest Ratings [cbmscratingreviewlratings]
  • Please note, every shortcode has it’s own params or setting, please see documentation
  • More shortcodes may be or on request or if needed, eventually


  • Most Rated posts
  • Latest Ratings
  • More widgets may come or on request or if needed, eventually

Pro addons:

Pro addon: CBX Multi Criteria Rating & Review System Pro Features – Features

  • Unlimited Rating Form
  • Unlimited Criteria
  • Feedback system for review (Up vote and down vote)
  • Report(Spam) system – user can report any review as spam or inappropriate
  • Attachments for Reviews – Photos and Video url
  • Attachments can be also moderated from admin panel review edit

Pro addon: CBX Multi Criteria Rating & Review System Comment – Features

  • Comment and comment reply system for reviews
  • Feedback system for comment (Up vote and down vote)
  • Report(Spam) system – user can report any comment as spam or inappropriate
  • Email notification for admin and users
  • Comment moderation and publish control

Pro addon: CBX Multi Criteria Rating & Review System myCred Points – Features

  • Point for Review
  • Point for Feedback on review
  • Point for photo(s) in Review
  • Point for video in Review
  • Point for Comment on review
  • Point for Feedback on Comment

Tangkapan Layar

  • Admin – Admin menu after plugin activated
  • Admin – Rating log listing
  • Admin – Average log listing
  • Admin – Feedback log listing
  • Admin – Comment log listing(Comment addon)
  • Admin – Comment feedback log listing(Comment addon)
  • Admin – Setting – General
  • Admin – Setting – Email Template
  • Admin – Setting – Review Alert Template
  • Admin – Setting – Pages & Tools
  • Admin – Setting – myCred(Mycred addon)
  • Admin – Setting – Attachments(pro addon)
  • Admin – Setting – Feedbacks(pro addon)
  • Admin – Setting – ECommerce/WooCommerce(pro addon)
  • Admin – Setting – BuddyPress(Pro addon)
  • Admin – Setting – Comments(Comment addon)
  • Public – Rating average and Rating/review listing
  • Public – Rating Form(With Pro addon’s attachments)
  • Public – Frontend dashboard
  • Admin – Admin rating edit
  • Admin – Form Listing
  • Admin – Form edit – General tabs
  • Admin – Form edit – Rating criterias
  • Admin – Form edit – Questions builder


  1. [WordPress has clear documentation about how to install a plugin].(
  2. After install activate the plugin “CBX Multi Criteria Rating & Review System” through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. You’ll now see a menu called “CBX SC Reviews” in left menu, start from there, check the setting and documentation
  4. Use shortcode or widget or other custom features as you need.
  5. Try our pro addons for more extra features


8 Juni 2020 1 balasan
I really like this plugin (Pro version) a lot due to the customizeable multiple criteria. The developer has been very responsive to questions and suggestions. To get five stars it will just need some additional touches like being able to sort and filter the reviews by the different fields, making some of the template settings more editable and granular, etc. Keep up the great work!
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Kontributor & Pengembang

“CBX Multi Criteria Rating & Review System” adalah perangkat lunak open source. Berikut ini mereka yang sudah berkontribusi pada plugin ini.


Log Perubahan


  • Guest user role was missing for review display and rating view-added
  • In different admin presentation default form note is added, as well as form listing
  • Pro addon got option to select some ready made new star icons to choose


  • Form display and avg display shortcode fixed
  • Review edit in backend – status change works now


  • First public release