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Simple Category List


Major features in Simple category list include:

  • Automatically show the category listing on to the front end.
  • Support the custom post types taxonomy.
  • Dynamic Shortcode use anywhere
  • Fully free plugin
  • Support parent child category lists (Category and sub-category)
  • User friendly

Usage on editor:

  [category_list custom_taxonomy=TAXONOMY NAME HERE]

Use this shortcode for page template:

  <?php echo do_shortcode("[category_list custom_taxonomy=TAXONOMY NAME HERE]"); ?>


Settings > Category list

1) Go to setting section
2) Click on the category list
3) Set the valid taxonomy name
4) Exclude option for the categories (Optional)
4) Enter the title (Optional)
5) Use the shortcode on the template file or editor

Tangkapan Layar


Upload the Simple category list plugin to your blog:

  1. Upload the category list plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


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Every one can install this plugin and easily use on the website. Very helpful plugin for category listing. User friendly plugin. Thanks.
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Log Perubahan


Release Date – 19 June 2018*
* This is the current and latest version.


  • Fix the design for front end category listing
  • Bug fixes
  • linking on category listing


  • Fix the bugs for the post type and replace by taxonomy name
  • Exclude option for the category lists