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14 Mei 2018
Hello. I love the fact that this is a back-end builder, and it's very clean and useful. I do have some issues with the plugin though. No possibility to set background image No wrapper outside the container (best practice is to have a wrapper outside container, so you can make full-width sections with centered content in a container Once set, you cannot change the number of columns in the row. No way to control the columns and set different sizes and offset for the columns I love the idea, but its very restricted in its functions.. I hope for a major update. And if it's on GitHub, i'd love to help.
30 Juli 2017 1 balasan
Using this with Bootstrap 4, no issues, lovely interface and easy to use, what more could you ask for. Huge thanks here
10 Mei 2017 1 balasan
This plugin is simply fantastic! Very nice interface, well integrated with WordPress, easy to use and very lightweight. Many thanks to the developer and keep this wonderful plugin this way as it is perfect!
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