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BrainPOP UK Video widget


BrainPOP UK is a KS2/KS3 & P3-P6/P7-S2 online subscription resource that delivers unique and highly engaging educational animations that make complex and challenging concepts accessible to children.

The movies are designed to encourage curiosity in kids in world around them and be a highly engaging, pedagogically strong starter or concept introduction resource for the educator.

Our POPbox WordPress plugin will allow you to showcase the free featured movie of the day in your blog sidebar.

At significant points in the movies key vocabulary is displayed. Each movie is built in Flash, can be zoomed to fill the screen and lasts between 2.5-5 mins . a time span that is perfect for attention grabbing. They can be rewound/fast forwarded with no streaming pauses (as movies always pre-load).

It changes regularly and covers Science, Humanities, Maths, English, PSHE & Citizenship, Art and Design & Technology.


  1. Extract .zip file into wp-contents folder.
  2. Enable plugin (plugin screen)
  3. Drag widget onto sidebar (appearance screen)

Tanya Jawab

Q: Is this the official BrainPOP UK Plugin?
A: Yes. It has been developed in partnership with the wonderful who run a free, easy to adopt WordPress Blog service for UK Primary School teachers, pupils and classes.

Q: Can I choose the movie it shows?
A: No. But the movie regularly changes and is hand picked by the BrainPOP UK team.

Q: Is there anyway to resize the plugin to be less or more than 300px?
A: It is currently set at 300px by 300px. We are working on a way to pick from multiple sizes.

Q: Can I request a movie to be shown in the POPbox?
A: There’s no harm in emailing us to suggest a featured movie, but remember that the featured movie is the same for everyone.

Q: How do you choose which movies to show?
A: Featured movies are often linked to significant occasions (Martin Luther King movie on August 28th) cultural events (World Cup movie) or to help schools explain world events (Floods movie during the recent flooding in Pakistan). If you want to pick and choose from all our movies to show to your class and kids then you will need to subscribe to

Q: What age range is BrainPOP aimed at?
A: BrainPOP UK is aimed at 7-14 year olds. But you’re never too old to learn!

Q: What subjects will the POPbox cover?
A: BrainPOP UK is cross curricular and covers Science, Humanities, Maths, English, PSHE & Citizenship, Art and Design & Technology.

Q. The width/height of the widget didn’t save the first time around.
A. Try save it again, if this doesn’t work try to remove/re-add the widget.

Q. Where can I get extra support?
A. At the developers website


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