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Rental and Booking Manager for Bike, Car, Dress, Resort with WooCommerce Integration – WpRently | WordPress plugin

Rental and Booking Manager for Bike, Car, Dress, Resort with WooCommerce Integration – WpRently | WordPress plugin


Booking & Rental Manager – WpRently is a complete solution for all booking, rental, and reservation services including Cars, Bikes, Party Dress, Parking, Equipment, and resort. The plugin will help to create your booking management system within your WordPress website with advanced capabilities that can be used to manage and offer bookings on the dates selected by customers.

The #1 Dynamic WordPress Rental And Booking Plugin

Upgrade your manual rental appointment and equipment booking system with the touch of automation and a customer-centric, customized solution trusted by hundreds of businesses.

Locally and internationally, we don’t just build businesses; we guarantee that we solve a significant number of business problems with our customized rental booking WordPress plugin solution. While we mostly focus on bikes, our solution is wider than them. Multiple businesses can benefit from WpRently, including cars, party dresses, parking, equipment, and resort booking.

WpRently provides you with the necessary features for free to start your rental booking system. However, when you want to take your business to the next level, the pro version of WpRently will help you achieve that position. If you are running a small business, the free version would be okay, but for larger businesses or want to level up, the pro version would suit you best.

Our plugin supports a variety of applications, including:

🚲 Bike Rentals: Efficiently manage bookings for bike rentals.
🚗 Car Rentals: Simplify the car rental process with our versatile plugin.
📅 Appointments: Streamlines appointment scheduling for professionals.
🏨 Hotel Bookings: Provide a user-friendly platform for guests to book their stay.
🛠️ Equipment Rentals: From tools to machinery, our plugin handles All.
👗 Dress Rentals: Facilitates dress rentals with a smooth booking experience.
⛵ Yacht/Boat Rentals: Create a seamless process for water enthusiasts.
🏡 Vacation/Holiday Rentals: Equipped for vacation and holiday rentals.
🏑 Sport Kit Rentals: Make sports equipment bookings a breeze with customers.
🏢 Office/Event Space Rentals: Streamline the booking process for office and event spaces.
🌡️ Medical Equipment: Ideal for healthcare providers & medical equipment.
🔌 Electronics Goods: Manage rentals for electronics goods.

Let’s dive deeper into the features list to ensure your system is optimized for maximum effectiveness.

Free Version Of The Plugin Offers:

🚲🚗 Bike/Car Rent (Single Day: Enable customers to effortlessly book bikes or cars for a single day with ease.
🚲🚗 Bike/Car Rent (Multiple Days: Provide flexibility with multi-day bike or car rentals for extended travel plans.
👗 Dress Rent (Single/Multiple Day: Provide dress rentals, accommodating both single-day and extended-use bookings.
📅 Doctor/Lawyer Appointment: Simplify scheduling appointments with healthcare professionals or legal advisors.
🏨 Resort Booking: Streamline resort bookings, offering guests a seamless platform to secure their stay.
🛠️ Equipment Rent: Efficiently manage equipment rentals, providing a straightforward booking process.
💲 Daywise Price Configuration: Configure rental prices based on specific days, ensuring accurate pricing.
💲 Hourly Price Configuration: Set hourly rental rates for precise billing and flexibility in booking.
💲 Daily Price Configuration: Provide daily rental pricing options for various rental durations.
🖼️ Single Rent Gallery Configuration: Customize the display of single rental items with a gallery configuration.
📍 Pickup/Dropoff Location Settings: Configure pickup and dropoff locations for a convenient rental experience.
🔄 Related Rents: Enhance user experience by showcasing related rental options for cross-selling.
🌟 Highlight Features: Draw attention to key features, making your rentals stand out to customers.
💲 Day-long Price Configuration: Configure specific prices for day-long rentals, catering to varying needs
💲 Day-night Price Configuration: Set distinct prices for day and night rentals, offering flexible pricing options.
👗 Dress Size Configuration: Provide a personalized experience with configurable dress size options.
➕ Extra Service Configuration: Allow customers to enhance their experience with configurable extra services.
🔄 Available Shortcode for Showing the Rent List: Utilize shortcodes to seamlessly display your rental list on any page.
⚙️ Detailed Rent Settings and Date Configuration: Customize detailed rental settings and date configurations for precision.
🔄 Different Rent List Styles: Enhance visual appeal by choosing from various styles for displaying rental lists.
🎨 Style Settings: Customize the look and feel of your rental listings with style settings.
🔄 Slider Settings: Utilize slider settings for a dynamic and interactive presentation of rental items.
🖥️ Front-end Booking Dashboard: Provide customers with a user-friendly front-end booking dashboard.
🙏 Thank You Page Selection: Allow customization by letting users select their preferred thank-you page.
📑 Order List with Details: Easily view and manage orders with comprehensive details.
💰 Tax Settings: Manage tax settings seamlessly for accurate financial transactions.
📦 Inventory Settings: Efficiently manage inventory settings for smooth rental operations.
🌐 Cross-Browser Support: Ensure compatibility across various browsers for a seamless user experience.
📱 Responsive and SEO-friendly: Create a responsive and SEO-friendly rental platform for increased visibility.
🌐🗣️ Multilingual Translation Support: Cater to a diverse audience with multilingual translation support.
🎨🔄 Works with Any Standards-Compliant WordPress Theme: Seamlessly integrate with any WordPress theme following standard compliance.
🔗💼 WooCommerce Integration: Integrate smoothly with WooCommerce, expanding your e-commerce capabilities.
💳🔄 Supports All WooCommerce Payment Methods: Ensure flexibility by supporting all WooCommerce payment methods.

Meet your higher business demand with the pro version of the plugin:

Pro Version Offer:

💳🔄 Paypal Integration: Expand payment options with seamless Paypal integration for secure transactions.
💳🔄 Stripe Integration: Provide users with another secure payment option through integrated Stripe functionality.
🗓️📑 Booking Calendar with Order Details: Enhance booking management with an interactive calendar displaying comprehensive order details.
📊📑 Reports with Order Details: Generate detailed reports, providing insights into your rental business’s performance.
📊🔄 Export Reports in CSV: Export reports in CSV format for easy sharing and external analysis.
📄🔄 PDF Booking Receipt: Provide customers with professional and printable PDF booking receipts.
📧🔄 Email Functionality: Enhance communication with built-in email functionality for booking-related correspondence.

Buy Pro

View All PRO Version Demo
Bike/Car Rent Service for Single Day PRO Version Demo
Bike/Car Rent for Multiple Day PRO Version Demo
Doctor Appointment PRO Version Demo
Dress Rent System PRO Version Demo
Equipment Rent Service PRO Version Demo
Resort Rent or Resort Booking PRO Version Demo
Rental Items List PRO Version Demo
Rental Items Grid Style List PRO Version Demo

Shortcodes included with Booking and Rental Manager:

[rent-list type='' style='grid' show='' columns='' category='' order='DESC']

Shortcode to show only bike/car for single-day type rent list:

[rent-list type='bike_car_sd']

Shortcode to show grid-style rent list:

[rent-list style='grid']

Shortcode to show list style rent list:

[rent-list style='list']

Shortcode to show only six items in the rent list:

[rent-list show='6']

Shortcode to show rent list order by ascending:

[rent-list order='ASC']

Shortcode to show rent list by column here 4 I have given as example column:

[rent-list columns='4']

Shortcode to show rent list by categories ID here I have give 2,3 as category id:

[rent-list category='2,3']

Shortcode to show single item add-to-cart:

[rent-add-to-cart id='1']


Our Plugin Works with WooCommerce and without WooCommerce. So all payment methods of WooCommerce will work with this plugin, and this is a very good advantage of this plugin. And without wooCommerce, we have our own PayPal and Stripe payment method integration.

Support and Suggestions

If you need any further assistance or support, do contact us at this support form. We are very open to your suggestions. So do feel free to tell us if there is anything we can do to improve the plugin.

Theme Compatibility

It will be compatible with any standards-compliant wordpress theme.

Privacy Policy

Rent and Booking Manager For WooCommerce uses Appsero SDK to collect some telemetry data upon user’s confirmation. This helps us to troubleshoot problems faster & make product improvements.

Appsero SDK does not gather any data by default. The SDK only starts gathering basic telemetry data when a user allows it via the admin notice. We collect the data to ensure a great user experience for all our users.

Integrating Appsero SDK DOES NOT IMMEDIATELY start gathering data, without confirmation from users in any case.

Learn more about how Appsero collects and uses this data.

Tangkapan Layar


Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Navigate to the ‘Upload’ area
  3. Select booking-and-rental-manager-for-woocommerce.zip from your computer
  4. Click ‘Install Now’
  5. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Using FTP

  1. Download booking-and-rental-manager-for-woocommerce.zip
  2. Extract the booking-and-rental-manager-for-woocommerce directory to your computer
  3. Upload the booking-and-rental-manager-for-woocommerce directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard


25 Juni 2024
I’ve been using the feature-packed WpRently plugin on my car rental website and it’s been great. It’s easy to use and works perfectly. A few days ago, I had a small problem with changing a colour on the plugin, the support team was amazing – not only did they respond on their support forum but they also offered to log into my website and help me to change the colour. They took the time to fix the issue themselves, and now everything is working great again. I’m thankful for this plugin and the great support that comes with it. I highly recommend WpRently for retal businesses.
7 Oktober 2023 2 balasan
I used it for studio equipment rental for my customer webbsite, it is simple and do what is needed, I suggest if the developer couuld add ( seperate booking management page where the manager doesent need to login to Wordpress dashboard panel it would e amazing
22 September 2023
This is a pretty amazing plugin. There are some improvements I would like to see made, but it’s great and they are responsive.
27 Juni 2023 2 balasan
they helped us solve a situation that seemed impossible, very good and competent: thank you very much
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  • Pricing and discount problem solved after pickup or drop off date change.
  • Yoast seo plugin not supported, solved it.
  • Warning removed
  • Without input inventory customer can booking.


  • Untrash problem solved.
  • Single day calendar problem solved.


  • Current day booking option added.


  • Category ID added in category list.
  • Count field fixed in category list.
  • Shortcode of rent-list category parameter replaced by cat_ids.
  • Dashboard categories empty column error fix.
  • Additional Gallery added to template section for Muffin template.
  • On donut template selection sidebar options visible.
  • Custom time slot selection issue fix in date/time section.


  • Multiple category pricing ontime and daywise feature added
  • Stock managemant problem solved
  • Seasional price calculation problem solved
  • Day wise price calculation problem solved
  • Admin dhashboad UX/UI modification


  • Rental search problem soleved.
  • Day wise or one time services added.
  • Seasonal price calculation problem solved.
  • Day wise calculation problem solved.
  • extra service stock validation added.


  • Bug fixed about discount


  • cart date time missing fixed for single rent


  • Bug fixed


  • Bug fixed


  • Yoast Plugin Issue fixed.
  • Security Issue Fixed
  • Bug fixed


  • Security Issue Fixed
  • Bug fixed


  • Security Issue Fixed
  • Bug fixed


  • Bug fixed


  • Bug fixed


  • WooCommerce integration.
  • Fixed bug with flat some theme


  • Donut template added.


  • Bug Fixed.


  • Appointment type added.
  • Time slot page added.


  • New rent types added.
  • Multiple payment system added.
  • Back-end Order list added.
  • Front-end user booking dashboard added.


Initial Release