WordPress Slider Plugin – Block Slider


WordPress Slider Plugin – Block Slider

Existing slider plugins does not allow you to build your sliders within Gutenberg WordPress Editor. They offer mostly custom made slide builder (or no slide builder) which was a great feature earlier. But with the Gutenberg editor, you should be able to build your slides directly in the Gutenberg editor.

That’s why we built Block Slider.This is the next generation WordPress slider plugin. You can easily build your slides by adding any gutenberg WordPress blocks within the Gutenberg Editor. You do not need to leave the editor to build your sliders using some other drag & drop slide builder. Now you can build your slides within Gutenberg editor using Block Slider plugin.

Block Slider adds a Slider Block in Gutenberg and allows makes it possible for you to add any Gutenberg block(s) within the slides, nice and easy. You can add multiple blocks within a slide, and you can customize the slider functionalities and style within the Gutenberg Editor. Block slider.

Your Feedback Matters

Please pass your suggestions and feedback to us via the support forum to improve the plugin.

Template and Pattern Library

Block Slider now includes access to the Extendify template and pattern library that can be accessed by clicking the “Library” button in the menu bar of the editor. We provide a variety of templates and patterns to serve different use cases and are adding more templates every week.

Note: Templates and patterns rely on blocks and styling applied by the Editor Plus plugin. The Editor Plus plugin is required when importing a template or pattern. If you uninstall Editor Plus, the templates and patterns will still display on your site, but the styling may be affected. Additionally, stock images included in the templates are hosted on GutenbergHub.com. We recommend replacing the images or adding them to your media library directly.


Block Slider uses a custom API to fetch templates and patterns from the Extendify template and pattern library. To improve the service and stability we store logs which may contain the following:

  • browser type
  • referring site
  • date and time of request
  • category selection or search term
  • anonymized IP address

API requests are only made when a user clicks on the Library button.

For more details on our privacy policy: https://wpblockslider.com/privacy-policy/
For more details on our terms of service: https://wpblockslider.com/terms-of-service/

Tangkapan Layar

  • WordPress Slider Plugin - Block Slider
  • Adding New Slide
  • Add any WordPress blocks to slide.
  • Slider Settings


Plugin ini menyediakan 2 blok.

  • Block Slider
  • WordPress Slider Plugin - Block Slider


  1. Upload the entire plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
    Once Activated, you will find ‘Block Slider’ block in the Gutenberg editor.
    For basic usage, you can also have a look at the plugin website Block Slider.


14 Juli 2021
This plugin installs a blank admin panel with the title "Content Here" and the content "Curabitur aliquet quam id dui posuere blandit. Mauris blandit aliquet elit, eget tincidunt nibh pulvinar a. Pellentesque in ipsum id orci porta dapibus. Vestibulum ac diam sit amet quam vehicula elementum sed sit amet dui. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Donec velit neque, auctor sit amet aliquam vel, ullamcorper sit amet ligula."
1 Juli 2021
I wanted a lean sliding solution for gutenberg and this plugin is exactly what i've searched for. Installed the premium trial version from the website and will buy it as soon as it is open for sale.
2 Juni 2021
Not quite sure HOW this plugin was added to my site, because I never actually installed it via the Plugin portal. Yet I was intrigued because I am looking to eliminate Elementor and will need a slider for my site. I could barely get the block to work! Just about everything you want to tweak, the things that the plugin info page touts requires you to buy the PRO version. But the upgrade page within WP doesn't actually load... and when you finally get to the plugin's homepage - turns out that the PRO version isn't even available yet?! (not to mention that there are still the "ipsum" and pointless paragraphs on their page). It's nowhere near ready for release.
28 April 2021
The key features of this block plugin appear to work satisfactorily; some recent reviews said it was broken, but I think things must have been fixed. There are some fundamental flaws, however: - The amount of whitespace shown in the editor interface above/below each slides is massive, and it's extremely hard to figure out where to select each 'slide' to customise it. It could be that the "Min Height" control is meant to control this, but if so, it doesn't work. - Selecting the slider block and pressing "add slide" adds a slide, but if you have a smaller monitor or many slider blocks, it's added off-screen, and you have no idea if the button worked. - Unless a tabbed interface is added to control content entry into each slide, the "quick preview" mode should be the default state on page load (as opposed to the editing), because of the vast amount of whitespace and vertical area this block takes up, it currently seriously impacts the usability of managing content elsewhere on your page/post. - A feature enhancement would be to opt-out of the left/right carousel arrows/buttons. I'm having to hide these with CSS. - The integration with Gutenberg Hub (and associated upsell features in the interface) leaves a bad taste in my mouth; if this was just a slider block plugin, then why do I want it to pull in templates from Gutenberg Hub? I don't. - The admin interface for the plugin is unfinished and looks amateurish; one of the screens have placeholder text, and the other screens seem to iframe content in from another site (the styling is off, and there are security concerns with iframing unknown sites in). I've decided to hide this entire screen on my client sites.
23 Agustus 2020
I've been using other plugins by developer Munir Kamal who launched GutenbergHub a long time ago like Gutenberg forms ,etc. What I like in this particular slider that I'm not limited to include only images in it. It's versatile : one & the same slider can contain different objects . Also it comes with a great support by Mr Munir Kamal himself. Highly recommend it.
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Log Perubahan

For more information, visit Block Slider.

1.2.9 (14 sep 2021)

  • Improved: Templates Library

1.2.8 (26 aug 2021)

  • Improved: Templates Library

1.2.7 (12 aug 2021)

  • Improved: Library

1.2.6 (13 july 2021)

  • Improved: Library
  • Fixed: Bugs

1.2.5 (8 july 2021)

  • Improved: Library

1.2.4 (29 june 2021)

  • New: Toggle to enable/disable Extendify library
  • Improved: Updates to the pattern and template library

1.2.3 (17 june 2021)

  • New: Improve Template library

1.2.2 (24 may 2021)

  • Template library improvement

1.2.1 (11 may 2021)

  • Bug Fixes

1.2.0 (21 Apr 2021)

  • New: Access to the Extendify template and pattern library

1.1.1 (19 Aug 2020)

  • Fixed: Issue with previous version update

1.1.1 (18 Aug 2020)

  • Fixed: Add Slide Bug

1.1.0 (15 Aug 2020)

  • Add Compatibility with WordPress 5.0.
  • Fixed: Bugs

1.0.9 (16 Mar 2020)

  • Many features added.

1.0.8 (17 Feb 2020)

  • A lot of features added.

1.0.0 (18 Nov 1.0.68)

  • Initial release with the basic functionality.