Bargain Bot for WooCommerce


Allow shoppers to Make Their Offer Now with a Bargaining ChatBot. Win more customers with smart price negotiations. Allow your customers to make an offer on your price and bargain. The ChatBot will Negotiate to more than a minimum price set by you. Capture shoppers while they have a high intent to purchase.

Supports multi currency plugins with minimum acceptable price as Percantage.

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The Make your Offer button for custom user price will show on product single page. Pro version supports bargain bot activation on shopper exit intent.

++ Bargain Bot can work with any WooCommerce website in LightBox Modal mode. See LightBox Mode demo here (pro version).

++ This will also work as an AddOn for the Woocommerce ChatBot WoowBot, if you have WoowBot installed on your website. See ChatBot Mode demo

Download the ChatBot for WooCommerce WoowBot

What is the Bargaining Bot?
Say goodbye to the old and boring way of offering discounts for the sake of it. Let your customers haggle for it. Bargaining Bot is the World’s first negotiation bot for WooCommerce. Shoppers are more likely to take advantage of their discount if they have to “work” for it. It makes the shopping experience much more lively and interactive.

Once a deal is made by the Bargaining Bot, the shopper can complete the checkout with the discounted price.

If no deal is made, the ChatBot offers to email the shopper’s last offered price to the shop admin. Admin can then email the Customer to complete the deal.

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Why do I need a Bargaining Bot?

Price is the most important factor in a shopper’s decision to buy, yet most shoppers leave because your fixed price is a few dollars too high. The Bargaining Bot lets you capture more sales because the price is negotiated based on what the customer is willing to pay and the minimum price at which you are willing to sell.

Here is why the Bargain Bot will earn you higher revenue and profit margins:

  • Higher Engagement – the Bot creates a new engagement point for shoppers to interact with your products instead of leaving
  • Capture the WooCommerce shoppers while they have a high intent to purchase. This addon helps keep them on your site to finalize a price deal
  • Higher conversions – shoppers love to feel like they are getting a great deal – this addon allows them to pay less than the listed price and therefore convert to a sale
  • All offers are responded to in seconds based on a minimum price point that you set
  • Super easy to install – no coding necessary
  • Super easy to configure – apply the addon in seconds
  • Bargain bot automatically pops up if a user wants to close the browser window from your product single page.
  • Offers do NOT require shoppers to enter their email address to make an offer so you get many more offers made, more offers accepted, and more sales
  • Once shoppers buy one thing using this method, they want to buy more items the same way

In addition to your Add to Cart button, the Bargaining Bot enables a Make Your Offer Now button. After clicking this button, shoppers can enter an Offer Price. If their Offer Price is at or above your Minimum Acceptable price, then the Bargaining Bot accepts the offer and gives the shopper a dynamically generated discount price for the product.

If the Offer Price is below your minimum acceptable price, the Bot will automatically ask the shopper for a better price. If the price is too low, the Bot will make the last offer at your Minimum Acceptable price. If the shopper accepts it then the Bot will apply a product-specific discount that can only be applied to that product.

If the shopper denies the offer, Bot will ask for the shopper’s email that will be sent to the shop admin with details about the product and the last offer by the shopper. Admin can then negotiate pricing over email if she wants to.

Once you install the Bot, you may apply the Make Your Offer Now button to any or all products in your store. You can set up the Minimum Acceptable price for an individual product or set a Global discount percentage from the Bot settings. When you set a Minimum Acceptable price for the individual product the individual pricing will override the global setting.

Bargain Bot Lite Features

  • Enable/Disable Bargaining Bot (hide the make your offer button on the product single page)
  • Enable for specific product/s by adding Minimum Acceptable Prices or enable globally
  • Options to change all languages from the plugin settings (bargaining bot can be used with any language)
  • Supports both woocommerce Simple Products and Variable products.
    (Product variations set by 3rd party plugins may not work)

Bargain Bot Pro Features

  • Enable/Disable Bargaining Bot (hide the make your offer button on the product single page)
    Exclude sale items (If enabled Bargaining button will not display for products that are already on sale)
  • Enable for specific product/s by adding Minimum Acceptable Prices or enable globally
  • Enable global maximum acceptable discount for all products (one click set up)
  • Enable on Shop page
  • Exclude categories from Global discount
  • Exclude products on sale
  • Maximum Allowed Bargaining
  • Minimum product quantity required for bargaining
  • Exit Intent Detection to activate bargain bot. Bargain bot comes to action if shopper intends to leave the site or close window.
  • Option to enable the Bargain Bot for only Exit Intent (not show the Make offer button)
  • Option to re-position the Make your offer button
  • Option to ask for phone number instead of email in final step
  • Shortcode to show Bargain button on any page of your website
  • Change quantity on the Bargain window
  • Allow only logged-in users to Bargain.
  • Option to set how many times bargaining is allowed
  • Change admin email and subject
  • Change frontend currency symbol position from admin settings.
  • Supports multi currency plugins with minimum acceptable price as Percantage.
  • Custom CSS area to modify button or lightbox design using your own CSS code
  • Define Minimum Acceptable Price under individual product to Override the global discount value.
  • Options to change all languages from the plugin settings (bargaining bot can be used with any language)
  • Supports both woocommerce Simple Products and Variable products.
  • Supports Dokan Multi vendor plugin
  • Compatible with with the ChatBot for WooCommerce WoowBot Free
  • Compatible with with the WoowBot ChatBot Pro

Bargaining ChatBot Support, Bug Fix, Feature Request

  • This is a new plugin and we want to improve this plugin’s features based on your feedback and suggestions. Let us know if you face any problem or need help with this ChatBot plugin in the comments section.*

Tangkapan Layar

  • Make your offer button on product single page
  • Bargain negotiation in lightbox stand alone mode
  • Bargain negotiation in ChatBot WoowBot mode
  • Successful negotiation in lightbox stand alone mode
  • Successful negotiation in ChatBot mode


Upload the Conversational Forms folder to /wp-content/plugins/
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Navigate to ‘Bargain Bot’ in wp-admin.
Go to edit a product and add a minimum acceptable product price for the bargain bot to activate for that product.

Tanya Jawab

Does Bargain Bot need WoowBot to work or it can work on any website?

Bargain Bot can work with or without the WoowBot free version plugin.

Can Bargain Bot work with my multi currency plugin?

Use the percentage option under single product to support multi curreny options


21 November 2022 10 balasan
I tested it for 70% and got message: “Your offered price 18€ is too low for us. The best we can do for you is 20.23€. Do you accept?” I clicked Yes and the product in cart had price 28,89. It worked fine when I set a fixed minimum price. Sorry, but I cannot buy a product which is not tested by developer. Note: To use it as marketing tool I would need to see what customers have offered. It is not there.
2 Desember 2021 6 balasan
Привет! Ваш бот очень хорош, но я не могу поставить больше 3 звезд. Локализация не работает в нескольких полях. Писал вам про это, но мне не ответили. Русский текст не добавляется в некоторых полях! Исправьте пожалуйста и я с радостью буду использовать ваш бот и дам отличную оценку.
28 September 2021 1 balasan
Great plugin to have on my website and also received excellent efficient support from the developers. Well done guys!!!
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