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Atomic Reach


Atomic Reach was built to deliver a deep understanding of what makes your content perform and how to perfect it. This plugin establishes connection between Atomic Reach and WordPress, instantly running an in-depth analysis on all engagement data surrounding your WordPress content.

This allows you to learn what is driving your content’s performance, as well as access to the editing tools designed to action these learnings.

Creating high quality content that performs well is difficult, Atomic Reach can help.


This plugin requires an Atomic Reach account. Sign up with your business email for a free 14 day trial.

I still need help, who should I talk to?

Visit to contact support.

Tangkapan Layar

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  1. Download Atomic Reach Plugin.
  2. Sign up or Log In to Atomic Reach.
  3. Use Atomic Create to instantly begin optimizing your content.
  4. Seamlessly push your optimized content to WordPress maintaining your publishing status.
  5. For further info please refer to this helpful guide.

Tanya Jawab

What is a Content Profile?

A Content Profile enables marketers to segment, personalize and apply data-driven insights to their content, to drive higher performance.


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Log Perubahan

6.1.8 (2021.02.03)
– Added global option to display in-app feedback.
– Minor bug fixes and improvements.

6.1.6 (2021.01.21)
– Fix WP 5.6 compatibility issues.
– Updated optimize workflow.
– Display power words.
– minor bug fixes and improvements.

6.1.5 (2020.04.23)
– Change copy
– Support up to WP 5.4
– Minor bug fixes and improvements.

6.1.2 (2020.04.15)
– Fixed server urls

5.0.01 (2018.02.27)
– Improved Performance
– Integrates with Atomic Reach platform

3.0.00 (2015.08.14)
– Improved performance
– Lots of improved and new features.

2.0.21 (2015.03.18)
– Fixed RegEx issue with spelling mistakes.

2.0.18 (2015.01.07)
– Fixed missing echo statements
– Fixed where CTA showed up twice.

2.0.17 (2014.12.15)
– Fixed shorthand PHP tags

2.0.16 (2014.12.08)
– Fixed sign up issue.

2.0.15 (2014.12.01)
– An email address is now required to connect.

2.0.12 (2014.10.14)
– added a shortcut to insights.
– now compatible with https: blogs
– minor code fix.

2.0.11 (2014.10.03)
– added a message about saving article.
2.0.09 (2014.09.17)
– does not depend on WP autosave anymore.
2.0.03 (2014.09.09)
– Fixed missing pie image for Genius.
– fix: clear all highlighting when press red RESCORE button.
2.0.01 (2014.08.09)
– Major new UI/UX update.
– Add modern UI. No need to refresh whole page to rescore.
– Easy to setup.
– Add RSS feed.
– various bug fixes and improvement.

1.7.65 (2014.07.11)
– Fixed grammar highlighting.

1.7.64 (2014.07.10)
– Fixed spelling highlighting/add to dictionary issue

1.7.63 (2014.07.7)
– Fixed grammar insight issue.

1.7.60 (2014.07.3)
– Fixed empty object error
– Now supports all custom post types
– Updated messaging for topic measure.

1.7.56 (2014.05.28)
– Fixed login issue.

1.7.55 (2014.05.26)
– hide setting page from non-administrative users.
– update messaging.

1.7.50 (2014.05.16)
-Minor UI updates.
-Added Audience Match Illustrations.
-remove uniqueness measure.
-rearrange keyword measure.

1.7.30 (2014.05.05)
-Fixed bugs
-Fixed WordPress 3.9 compatibility bugs (Editor)

1.7.27 (2014.04.08)
-Fixed WP editor plugin conflict

1.7.25 (2014.03.31)
-Added custom dictionary
-New emotion messaging
-Added similar articles
-Improved measuers
-Bug fixes

1.6.80 (2014.03.14)
-fixed duplicate API call issue

1.6.50 (2014.03.06)
-minor UI updates
-Emotion improved
-Audience Match improved

1.6.28 (2014.02.10)
– minor UI updates

1.6.25 (2014.02.03)
– Major update to UI
– API improvements

1.5.51 (2014.01.21)
– fixed readme.txt file

1.5.5 (2014.01.20)
– Added audience match
– bug fixes

1.1.0 (2013.11.19)
– Initial release