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Arlo Training Management Software


Arlo for WordPress helps you build great looking websites for promoting your courses. Offer website visitors an interactive and engaging experience with the ability to fully customise the look and feel. The plugin also comes with pre-built page themes providing flexibility for designers, and plug-and-play themes for the less savvy. Read more about creating beautiful looking training websites using Arlo for WordPress.

Pre-built plugin themes:

Training Management Solution

Arlo is a cloud based training management software designed to promote, sell and deliver your courses and events. Arlo will automate your manual processes and routine tasks by providing simple scheduling, online registration, automatic communication, custom reporting, payments & invoicing. Client records are kept updated within Arlo’s robust CRM.

Course templates make recurring training easy to schedule. Automated communication mean registrants receive accurate and timely registration confirmation and reminders. Understanding your registrants is made easy through customisable application processes and registration forms.

Arlo’s website integration promotes courses on your website keeping information up to date in real time with a seamless user experience. Arlo’s lead and campaign management tools allow promotion of courses by targeting specific market segments and monitoring demand. Delivering face to face, live online, private or public courses is all possible with Arlo. Manage certification, CPD points and use surveys to receive feedback and improve delivery. Arlo can be integrated with your other business applications managing the flow of data through your organisation.

Learning Management Solution (LMS)

Arlo’s seamless integration with Moodle LMS provides a complete learning management solution for promoting, selling and delivering your face to face, online, self-paced and blended learning. This integration combines the power of Moodle LMS with a complete training management solution including online registrations, payments , invoicing, and a robust CRM.

Arlo’s learning management solution allows you to include quizzes, SCORM objects, forums, videos, and other online activities within your training. Get live visibility and reporting on all your registrants in one place with Arlo, this includes last accessed dates, learning progress, payment status, grades, results and contact information.

Key Features

  • Online registration – Accept online registrations and payments. Create simple forms for free events, complex forms for conferences, and everything between. Issue invoices, manage transfers, cancellations, and refunds.
  • Course Management – Manage all information and resources through Arlo: one place, online, and accessible wherever you are. Track tasks, record notes, send emails, print name labels, manage waiting lists, and more.
  • Website Integration – Use Arlo’s flexible website integration options to set your web designers free. Create beautiful looking training and event websites in WordPress.
  • Learning Management System (LMS) – Offer live online learning, self-paced online learning, and blended learning using Arlo’s Learning Management System integration. Integrate Moodle and other LMS systems.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Manage information about clients and registrants in one place. See course and event attendance history, view and send communication, track leads, manage key contacts, record notes, and assign tasks. If you already run a CRM like Salesforce, no problem, seamlessly integrate it with Arlo.
  • Marketing tools – Run targeted campaigns to promote your training and events. Track conversions in Google and Bing from website registrations, and integrate your marketing automation tool to generate new leads. Leverage social media to share your courses and events.


  • WordPress minimum version – Minimum required version of WordPress is 4.7 but WordPress should be kept up to date with the latest version.
  • PHP Version – Minimum PHP version must be 5.5 but PHP 7 onwards should be preferred.
  • Shared Server Hosting – Slow shared server hosting can cause issues with the data import. If you have shared server hosting please ensure you set up a Cron Job.
  • Cache plugins – Caching plugins can interfere with the Arlo WordPress plugin. Once changes have been made to the Arlo plugin, ensure you clear or reset your caching plugins if you have them.
  • IP Blocker plugins – Plugins blocking some IP can interfere with the sync system. Please allow Arlo prod servers IPs.
  • Google Maps API key is required for the maps on the venue profile pages (You need to enable the Google Static Maps API for the project).
  • Arlo platform (Sign-up for a free Arlo trial)

Support & Documentation

Arlo WordPress integration – built for web developers!

Create beautiful and interactive training websites using the Arlo for WordPress plugin. Access an extensive library of WordPress Shortcodes, Templates, and Widgets, all designed specifically for web developer to make integration easy.

Arlo for WordPress providers you with the building blocks to create great looking sites.

Automatically creates pages and site structure

  • Event, event list, catalogue, schedule, venue, and presenter pages are automatically created as part of the install.
  • When an event is added in Arlo, a new post (page) is automatically created on WordPress for the event. And when a new presenter or venue is added, a new post (page) is also created.

Shortcodes – Access a range of shortcodes to display data in your WordPress site. You can also add additional attributes to do nifty things with very little effort.

Templates – The plugin comes preloaded with the following templates which can all be edited.

Widgets – The following widgets can be added to any page in your site.

Get started today!

Sign-up for a free Arlo trial and then install the “Arlo training and event management system” plugin now!


The Arlo – Training and Event Management, and online registration plugin is only available in English, but we will translate it to many different languages soon.


Remove CDN References for GDPR
Show scheduled and upcoming events, fixes #451


Update to use https instead of http for snapshots


Updated plugin for PHP 8
Changed jQuery-UI dependancy to use WP supplied dependancy
Fixed Starter Theme schedule page not linking to registration page


Actions for sync start and finish: arlo_import_starting and arlo_import_finished
Documentation Updates
Check that the Import Lock table exists when checking the sync lock


Bump version support
Fix HTTPS for Arlo Webinars
Fix for plugin upgrade warning
Fix for -1 memory limit
Fix for misconfiguration and unset array causing warning


Fix pagination canonical url.
Fix 404 page notice errors.
Fix table migration not checking current table state.


Fix continue statement in switch


Upcoming events are now checked by time instead of by date.
– This means that events can be shown precisely until they start. Previously if an event was starting today, it would not show (depending on your timezone configuration)
Search now uses keywords to find events by name (up to 3 keywords)
– Previously it only searched by exact phrases

New [arlo_breadcrumbs] shortcode
– This is a navigation feature for better traversal of nested categories and returning to the catalog from event pages
New [arlo_venue_locationname] shortcode
New [arlo_venue_events_link] shortcode
Event template page can now show a single event
Region cookie time is editable with filter arlo_region_cookie_time

End date now uses correct timezone offset
Rich metadata snippets now include the event timezone
Starter template Venue Schedule/Upcoming links now work
Canonical URL now includes Region parameter (includes support for Yoast SEO)
Extend cron_schedules array instead of replacing values

Automatic navigation to new Shortcode Page after creation
Timezone codes on Event template page
Fixed initial sync with platforms that have no Venues
Next running date removes only current year
Preview button for all themes
Event list item now has option to no close unopened


ul> it expects
– If you use any of the Starter templates we recommend updating your Event page to include within_ul="false" in the [arlo_event_list_item] shortcode. If you have not customised you templates you can Reset your Starter theme.
Jazz Register button text is now visible on hover
Jazz search button aligment centered
Failed redirects 404 instead of 301
Check set_time_limit isn’t disabled before use
Check that Shortcode attributes exist and is an array before usage
Default to OpenSSL over mcrypt
Hide filter button now does not get stuck if no filters are present


Tested up to WordPress version 5.2.2


New WordPress minimum version requirement of 4.7
New system requirements now checking against WordPress 4.7 and PHP 5.5
“Download log” file structure ID changed for Id

New “Starter Hero” Arlo Theme
Manual plugin upload process available from this version
New “Keep settings” option for plugin deletion
New [arlo_event_template_hero_image] shortcode
New [arlo_event_template_list_image] shortcode

Security improvements
Remove now unused “import” directory
“Download log” was showing an error when open in Excel


Improvement of the Starter themes
New [arlo_event_template_advertised_price] shortcode
New [arlo_event_template_advertised_presenters] shortcode
New [arlo_event_template_credits] shortcode
New [arlo_event_haslimitedplaces] shortcode
Make Timezone selector [arlo_timezones] available on Upcoming page
Better support for load balanced architectures

Venue map not showing on Venue page
Multiple instance of upcoming widget are conflicting
Upcoming widget do not keep event/template tag after import
WordPress Menus and Custom Links including html in their text field are html-escaped
Best event price (From) includes Events hidden from website
Glitch on expand button on Starter theme
Discount should not display on Online Activities if only applied to events


Load balanced architectures do not allow the import to run correctly


External URL support for Arlo’s sitemap
New [arlo_event_summary] shortcode to display sessions description
New [arlo_event_template_register_private_interest] shortcode for private lead form link
New [arlo_suggest_private_datelocation] shortcode for private lead form link
New “order” attribute for [arlo_event_price]
New “period” option to show end date for [arlo_event_next_running]
Year is added after the month used as a delimiter on the Upcoming page
Add discount and places remaining corner labels on Schedule page of the “Starter template” theme

Upcoming widget is not working when tags are specified
[arlo_event_isfull] now working on sessions too
[arlo_event_duration] now showing session duration on sessions
Event of 6 hours X minutes is not showing 1 day
Other WordPress plugin errors are sometimes stopping the import


Full support for PHP 7
Use OpenSSL for encryption
PHP and WordPress version now visible on System requirements tab
Improve Log error message on import failure

Using the Delete functionality of WordPress keep most of my settings but lose my theme
Event search show duplicates of events with multiple categories
First plugin activation sometimes fails with a Fatal error
Timezones in filter are not sorted by time offset
Default Spark designer template do not allow enough space for the day of the month not to wrap
memory_limit in php.ini cannot be specified in GB
[arlo_event_template_code] does not appear when specified on Upcoming pages


Timezones blocking the import on some specific platforms


Remove the ability to rename and exclude filter options

New “Starter template” Arlo Theme
Use category header as meta description if category is selected as a filter
Ability to filter global level shortcodes by mutliple categories/location/templatetag/eventtag
Delivery filter for on demand events (online activities)
Support tax exempt tags
Make venue related shortcodes available within the [arlo_event_list_item] or [arlo_upcoming_list_item] shortcodes
New [arlo_event_duration_description] shortcode
New [arlo_event_dates] shortcode
New [arlo_event_isfull] shortcode
New [arlo_event_offers_hasdiscount] shortcode
New “show_child_elements” attribute for [arlo_upcoming_list_item]
New “layout” attribute for [arlo_event_session_list_item] to show the session information as a tooltip or as a popup
New “separator” attribute for [arlo_event_next_running]
New {%count%} placeholder in “text” attribute for [arlo_event_next_running]

Allow import with PHP 7.2 on Linux
Filters was not redirecting properly when containing slashes
Show all except on Tags still show event if it has multiple tags
Reset button moves on selection of drop down (Jazz Theme)
Ensure filter priority – user first global shortcode second and filter by page at last
Session tags are not diplayed by [arlo_event_tags]
With some Arlo Themes [arlo_template_region_selector] and [arlo_template_search_region_selector] are breaking the layout


Allow import with PHP 7.2


Admin page gets into a redirect loop on some webservers
Wrong filter URL if a global level shortcode is used on a home page


New “template_link” attribute for [arlo_event_next_running]
Enhance the output of [arlo_venue_address] and new “link” attribute
New “Region selector” widget
New “State” filter for [arlo_event_filters], [arlo_upcoming_event_filters], [arlo_event_template_filters] and [arlo_schedule_filters]
New “templateid” attribute for [arlo_upcoming_list] global shortcode
Filter settings available for custom shortcodes


Fix, global level shortcodes don’t respect attribute settings


Resuable shortcodes
New “category”, “location”, “delivery” and “templatetag” attributes for [arlo_event_template_list] global shortcode
New “category”, “location”, “delivery” and “templatetag” attributes for [arlo_schedule] global shortcode
New “category”, “location”, “delivery”, “eventtag”, “templatetag”, “presenter” and “month” attributes for [arlo_upcoming_list] global shortcode
New “category” attribute for [arlo_onlineactivites_list] global shortcode


Bugfix, when rich snippet for event doesn’t return Location
Bugfix, when the event search returns the template multiple times


Support structured meta data (rich snippets) for events, online activities, templates, venues and presenters
New ‘Schedule’ page
New ‘[arlo_event_notice]’ shortcode
Template doesn’t appear in multiple categories
Suggest template section doesn’t display all templates from multiple categories
OnlineActivity template doesn’t load by default in some cases
Internal theme files doesn’t load in some cases


Fix long running import issue, which can timeout the request


New online activities global shortcode [arlo_onlineactivites_list]
New options for Upcoming events widget
New settings to customize filters
New settings for the Import
The plugin is fully compatible with PHP 7
Many bug fixes


New presenter filter for [arlo_upcoming_event_filters]
Support new URL structure on the admin pages and for private events
Fix broken link in [arlo_suggest_datelocation] when used the ‘text’ attribute


Improve error logging and reliability for import


New ‘link’ attribute for [arlo_event_location] and [arlo_event_presenters] shortcodes

New [arlo_venue_link] shortcode

New [arlo_presenter_link] shortcode

Fix timezone issues on the upcoming events widget

Fix timezone error if the WP hasn’t got a named timezone


Enhance import process

Enhance time zone indicators on events

Fix permission issues with WPEngine hosting

Fix missing session information on a reginalized platform

Fix saving tags for multisession events


New, improved, more reliable import

Revamp the codebase behind the plugin

Minor fixes and improvements

New [arlo_event_filters] shortcode

New [arlo_search_field] shortcode

New builtin theme selection

Remove PHP notices

Add system requirement check for future release

Fixed wrong [arlo_event_duration] return value

Fix when [arlo_event_price] doesn’t return the “cheapest” price

Fix when [arlo_event_next_running] returns a session date

Improvement of the import stability

Fix category depth level set


Improvement of the import stability

Fix category depth level set


Online Activities

[arlo_content_field_item] shortcode is available within the [arlo_upcoming_list_item] shortcode

New [arlo_event_credits] shortcode

New [arlo_event_template_advertised_duration] shortcode

New ‘showfrom’ attribute for [arlo_event_price] shortcode

New ‘strip_html’ attribute every shortcode

Terminate background task

Send error data to Arlo

New [arlo_category_title] shortcode

New setting for GoogleMaps API Key

New ‘text’ attribute for [arlo_event_next_running] shortcode

Detailed log / Ability to download log

[arlo_event_next_running] shortcode respects delivery and location filters

Fix, when the price can be missing on the event template page, if WP is using other db prefix than ‘wp_’

Fix automated sync doesn’t run every hour

Fixed category count number for [arlo_categories] shortcode

Fix when multiple data showed during import

Fix the multiregion import issue

Fix start and end date times when the dates are returning a UTC value


New asynchronous import, for more information, please visit:

Support localization for dates and times:


Important fix to solve the compatibility issue with some external plugin

Few minor bugfixes

Enhancement of the plugin update mechanism


Regionalized plugin

New region selector shortcodes [arlo_upcoming_region_selector], [arlo_template_search_region_selector], [arlo_template_region_selector]

New “regionalized” option for the [arlo_suggest_templates] shortcode

Fix [arlo_event_template_link] shortcode:

Fix when the upcoming events widget contains sessions:

Fix the private event link with the WordPress Arlo Theme:

Fix cache issue when the browser caches the custom.css file:

The [arlo_content_field_item] shortcode field can show data from previous import:

Fix show_only_at_bottom parameter in [arlo_event_template_list_item] shortcode:


[arlo_no_event_text] shortcode to display a text if there is no event

Danish translation

Escape all the output to ensure security

New import concurrency management to avoid duplicate data with double import (usually happened on a shared hosting)

Fix for admin list venue page to not show multiple data

Fix for categories list depth parameter problem


New, restructured settings page

New events, templates, session, venues, presenters lists

[event_next_running] shortcode returns incorrect data when the event has sessions:

new [arlo_event_template_link] shortcode for externally hosted event

SEO friendly urls for filters

New option (class) for “layout” attribute and new “prefix” attribute for [arlo_event_template_tags] and [arlo_event_tags] shortcodes

Meta description for event template generated, from the template summary

And many more bugfixes

Fix in the import script


New select dropdown for event’s tag in the [arlo_upcoming_event_filters] shortcode:

New select dropdown for template’s tag in the [arlo_event_template_filters] shortcode:

The arlo_event_template_tags is in wrong place:

No “Register your interest” link on the template page:

The template price isn’t available as a shortcode:

In the category list, there is no register interest link:

JS error while reloading the templates:

Event search doesn’t return the template if it’s under a category’s subcategory:

De/Activate the plugin overwrites the page settings:

Delete the plugin doesn’t remove all the db tables:

After sync, not all the tables are cleaned up:

Warning with setTimezone fn with a live online event:

Remove PHP notices, errors


Style and layout selector for the templates:

The sample links are bad for the venue and presenter:

Higher time limit for the import:

Save the previously selected template and layout on the settings page:

New shortcode [arlo_event_template_tags] and [arlo_event_tags]:

Show session information for the event in a tooltip [arlo_event_session_list_item]:

Update the database on plugin update:

Two event with the same dates on a template page:

Notice for permalinks

Notice for post types


New search widget

Custom “No events to show” message

If there is no category, there is no template in the events list:

New “Welcome bar” with load demo data button:

Dismissible notices for the welcome bar:

New [arlo_suggest_templates] shortcode based on tag or category

Modify the platform name field on the settings page:

Remove the platform name causes an import:

Add last import date to the settings page:


Pagination link error:

Title starts with a “:” when a category is selected, but the page hasn’t got a name:

Import error/success message


Initial public release

Tangkapan Layar

  • Arlo Themes
  • Theme Starter – Catalogue
  • Theme Starter – Upcoming events
  • Theme Starter – Schedule
  • Theme Starter Hero – Catalogue
  • Theme Starter Hero – Upcoming events
  • Theme Jazz – Catalogue
  • Theme Spark – Upcoming events
  • Theme Block – Catalogue
  • Theme BeSoftware – Schedule
  • Theme Starter – Presenters
  • Theme Block – Venues
  • Theme Starter – Catalogue – Mobile version
  • Admin – Custom Css
  • Admin – Pages
  • Admin – General
  • Admin – Regions
  • Admin – System requirements


Dari dasbor WordPress Anda

  1. Kunjungi ‘Plugin > Tambah Baru’
  2. Search for ‘Arlo event’
  3. Activate Arlo from your Plugins page.


  1. Download the Arlo WordPress plugin.
  2. Upload the ‘arlo-training-and-event-management-system’ directory to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, scp, etc…)
  3. Activate Arlo from your Plugins page.

Setelah Diaktifkan

  1. Go to your pages, Arlo will create several pages for you (Events, Upcoming Events, Event search, Schedule, Online Activities, Venues, Presenters). They will be automatically published so you can benefit from all the plugin’s features.
  2. Visit ‘Settings > Arlo’ and add your Arlo platform name (for testing purpose you can use the ‘demo-au’ as a platform name)
  3. In ‘Settings > Arlo’, setup your post type pages (the previously created ones) and
  4. In ‘Settings > Arlo’, save the settings
  5. In ‘Settings > Arlo’, re-import your data form Arlo to your WordPress with the ‘Re-import all data now’ link

Once Configured

  • The Arlo plugin comes with a lot of different shortcodes, and you can customize your plugin with the shortcodes. For more information about the shortcodes please visit the Arlo developer site

Developers Guide

For more information about the shortcodes please visit the Arlo developer site

Tanya Jawab

Where can I find all Arlo for WordPress FAQ’s?

You can find all Arlo for WordPress FAQ’s on the Arlo online support portal.

Can I use my existing WordPress theme?

Yes! The Arlo Training Management plugin works out-of-the-box with nearly every WordPress theme. But if you want to customize, you have to use a 3rd party plugin to add external css to your site.

Can I use the plugin without an Arlo platform?

Unfortunately no, you have to sign up for a free Arlo trial.

Where can I find documentation?

The plugin’s documentation can be found in our Arlo developer site.

Can I use the plugin with PHP 5.3?

The minimum requirement PHP version for the plugin is PHP 5.5.

Can I log a bug?

Sure! Create a new issue on the plugin’s GitHub site


15 April 2021
Having this plugin on our website, and being SO functional and so seamlessly integrated was a huge part in our successful pivot to online webinars and managing registrations of our “new normal” limited capacity in-person classes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Being fairly tech-savvy and with moderate web-developer talents, I was able to completely customize the WordPress plugin to match our brand. I’ve received so many complements from people about our registration system and how easy it was to use. Thank you to Arlo for making such a wonderful plugin. We are VERY happy Arlo customers.
15 Maret 2018 1 balasan
Edit: Improving my rating due to recently improved support and not wanting to hurt a company’s work due to the one bad egg I appear to have dealt with. Technical feature requests remain. Initially, Arlo seemed promising, however mid-way through development issues with syncing of events started. The Arlo support team took up to 48 hours to return support tickets and essentially blamed me for the issue. The workaround was to launch the site to a staging server, sync Arlo and then copy the database back to local (a solution that I had to formulate). Development of a custom theme was not as “clean” as described as even the “Custom” Arlo theme (which is aimed at developers who want to write their own CSS) injects javascript for popups and stylesheets which complicates development isn’t mobile-friendly and results in more server calls than necessary. The controls for displaying events are also in need of improvement, as depending on where you require them to be placed on the template the hard-coded heading structures will result in the incorrect page heading structure. The integration is also not as seamless as described, the checkout page will redirect the user to Arlo’s own checkout site which could be improved in terms of design. All you can do is change the logo. The choice to use Arlo was a decision made by my client prior to my development. Regardless my intention and efforts centred around integrating Arlo to the best of my ability.
1 Februari 2018
Using Arlo’s full capabilities as an admin system for a training company made life a lot easier and took a lot of manual admin out of the business. Connecting it to the website was a godsend, now customers are able to book courses without any help, with a payment going straight into our bank account via Stripe and Xero. The plugin fits into the theme customisations we’ve made quite easily. Implementation was really straightforward and I’ve yet to encounter a synchronisation error. There are several things that could be improved – I’ve found that the company’s support is ridiculously good and they’re very open to ideas.
24 November 2017
As a part-time admin, with limited tech knowledge in a small organisation offering nearly 80 free courses in our funding year, I have been waiting eagerly for something like Arlo. Whilst we have only gone properly “live” with the web integration recently, after a long gestation (delays our end due to limited finance and resources) we are excited to see the time-saving for admin that the plugin is already providing. It is fantastic how quickly you can update course content and dates on the website via the Arlo plugin, and how our end users can easily see up-to-date info – what courses are full, have wait lists etc… All the way through Arlo staff have been patient and helpful. They also seem responsive and are welcome to new suggestions too 🙂
19 November 2017
The plugin works well for us. We use it for live events and also to send elearning registrations to Moodle, so people can sign up online and begin studying straight away. The Arlo team has been helpful with CSS, figuring out the Moodle connection and more.
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