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Aqua Video Gallery


Responsive & Light weight user friendly Video Gallery. Simple to install and use easily with shotcode in your projects.
customize your Gallery with the your classes and id. also three pre-built designs if you want to use one of them.
you can add videos from your media and from youtube link also. Easy Settings and Shortcodes to make your video gallery

Key Features:
~ Simple to use with two different shortcodes.
~ Three pre-built designs- Grid, Masonry & Flat.
~ Fully Responsive.
~ Easy to customize.
~ Easy Settings.
~ User Friendly.
~ Unlimited Videos.

There are two shortcodes you can use to display gallery to your pages.

For the videos from your media:

For the videos using youtube links:

you can also add following attributes to your shortcodes:

~ for custom classes using class=”yourclass”
~ for custom classes to inner section subclass=”yourclass”
~ for id use id=”yourId”
~ for columns you want to show column=”1/2/3/4/5″ (e.g column=”4″ , By default 3 columns will display & maximum 5 columns you can display)
~ for numbers of videos you want to show count=”numbers of video”(e.g count=”3″)
~ for gallery style you want to display use style=”flat/masonry/grid” (e.g style=”flat” ,By default Grid will be selected)

For example:
[aqvg class=”yourclass” subclass=”yourclass” id=”yourId” columns=”4″ count=”10″ style=”masonry”]


[aqvg_youtube class=”yourclass” subclass=”yourclass” id=”yourId” columns=”3″ count=”15″ style=”flat”]

Tangkapan Layar

  • Add Video
  • All Videos at one place


Here’s how you install and activate the Aqua Video Gallery plugin:


  1. Download From plugins or Upload .zip file to your plugin directory.
  2. Activate the plugin from wordpress plugins list.
  3. After activation put the shortcode at the place you want to set your video gallery.


How can i add class or id to the shortcode

You can add class and id by using [AQVG class=”yourclass” subclass=”yoursubclass” id=”yourId”].
By this you can have a (class) having a main div and (subclass) which are the child of (class) div. In this way you can have power to desing with your theme easily.

Is Youtube video and Direct link video have difference gallery

Yup. Because of design the youtube video and Direct Link videos are sepreated. but soon we will update with this feature.

My Shortcode are not working as mentioned

It is because you have done something wrong. class, subclass and ID Have strick rules like: class will only accept class with no numeric at starting. and same on subclass and id.

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