Allow HTML in Category Descriptions


When you add text to the category description textarea and save the category, WordPress runs content filters that
strips out all but the most basic formatting tags.

This plugin disables those filters. Any html code you add to the category description will not be stripped out.

This plugin does not do anything other than disable the filters. It does not protect you from entering invalid HTML,
nor does it help you create WYSIWYG HTML. You can use the post or page composing screen to help you create the text
and formatting. Switch to the ‘code’ tab and copy the HTML code into the category description field.

Tangkapan Layar

  • Adding HTML code to the category description
  • A preview of the category description in the category list admin screen
  • What the category looks like on the front-end if your theme supports it (here shown with the Twenty Fourteen theme)


  1. Upload html-in-category-descriptions.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Paste or type HTML code in the category description and save.
  4. Enjoy HTML in your category descriptions


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2 Desember 2016
just went on a limb and installed, for a thirdparty plugin catagories (wp-pizza), can confirm that it worked.
3 September 2016
Hola! Por favor, ¿alguien me podría ayudar? Lo he instalado pero no sé cómo hacer para que muestre el texto en la categoría. No lo consigo. Soy bastante novatillo aún 🙁 Muchas gracias por adelantado!!!
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  • Add a text domain for translation purposes


  • Minor formatting of the plugin code, syntax, etc.
  • Added a banner image for the plugin page


  • A version bump to indicate to WordPress that the plugin was reviewed and tested in the latest version of WordPress
  • Made sure that the pre_filters array had corresponding items in the filters array
  • Added a donation link


  • Added a filter array for the textareas admin displays


  • First release into the wild after helping someone on a forum post