If you are into quick launchers, you\’ll just love Aladdin. Your whole WordPress Dashboard menu accessible through your keyboard.

1. Install and activate the plugin
2. Press the Shift key twice.
3. Start typing.
4. Select your option and press Enter.

Nice, eh?

Tangkapan Layar

  • Just start typing and the first available option will be selected by default.
  • You can navigate to other options with the keyboard arrow keys.
  • For unique options, you don\'t have to type the whole term. Just type a few characters, press enter and you will be redirected to this option.


Just install and active. The launcher will show up by pressing the Shift key twice.


22 Juni 2019
I was looking for something like Spotlight or Alfred for WordPress … And now I've found it 😀 Aladdin saves me a lot of time going through the admin menu, looking and searching, searching and looking, ugh. Mr. Developer @tsiger I COULD KISS YOU! 😘 Please keep up the good work & don't let Aladdin die 🙏 THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Ben PS: I hope my text helps others finding this plugin looking for an quicklaunch application alternative like Spotlight for WordPress or something similar like Alfred for WordPress.
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