Integrate top-tier video capabilities into your business swiftly and effortlessly with 42videobricks. And thanks to this plugin, everything is now easier than ever.
This WordPress plugin will automatically:
* Convert your videos into the best format.
* Store your video in a 100% GDPR compliant vault.
* Deliver the video to your viewers throughout the world.
* Grant you access to a 100% customisable web player.

42videobricks has been designed as a SaaS solution to manage the complexities of video streaming for you: no infrastructure setup is required, no CapEx, and no complexity! Simply add our embed code to your WordPress site or service to integrate video streaming, and it will work like a charm!
This plugin relies on the external service 42videobricks API for uploading your videos on different environments:
* Sandbox: https://api-sbx.42videobricks.com
* Staging: https://api-stg.42videobricks.com
* Production: https://api.42videobricks.com
As well has an external service for streaming your uploaded videos from the 42videobricks service:
* Streaming : https://stream.42videobricks.com

This plugin integrates the external use of 42videobricks service in order to use it into your own WordPress project:
* More information about the external service 42videobricks can be found here: https://42videobricks.com/
* Terms of use: https://42videobricks.com/en/terms
* Privacy Policy: https://42videobricks.com/en/privacypolicy
42videobricks streaming provides as well an administration where you can easily manage your videos: https://admin.42videobricks.com


  • Upload your portrait or landscape videos (up to 4K) directly from your WordPress admin page. They will be quickly encoded and ready for streaming.
  • Select previously uploaded videos from your 42videobricks library.
  • Embed videos with our responsive HTML5 player.

Tangkapan Layar

  • Configure your API key
  • Upload new videos
  • Browse your library


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