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3D Slider Slice Box


3D Slider Slice Box is responsive 3d slider which enables you to create 3d slider without the use of flash. Has plenty of options like orientation, perspective and other cuboid option which would add glitz to your site.

activate the plugin and just add the template tag <?php if(sb_slides_display()){sb_slides_display();} ?>

This plugin was based on the tutorial from codrops

See Demo

Main features

  • choose posts or enter images manually
  • change perspective to have a great view
  • orientation to change from horizontal to vertical and also random
  • you can display posts from a category
  • excerpt words limitation
  • responsive(auto compatible in all devices)

Note: if anyone wants any more features kindly add a topic in support.

My other plugins

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Installation and usage

  • Add and activate the plugin, add the template tag <?php if(sb_slides_display()){sb_slides_display();} ?>
  • Enter the no of slides required
  • Select the category
  • Select other slider properties for extensive usage.
  • The width and height of the images should be even for the slider to work properly.

Tangkapan Layar

  • 3d slider slice box
  • horizontal orientation
  • vertical orientation
  • slider options


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Log Perubahan


  • options for manually adding images rather than from posts
  • fixed xss vulnerablities


  • fixed notices generated in debug mode


  • fixed notices for empty fields
  • works in debug mode