1 Click WordPress Migration Plugin


No technical skills needed. No file downloads, size limitations, or premium versions. Easy to use migration plugin that just works.

Hassle free migration

Migrate, copy, or clone your site with 1 Click. Any host, no size limitation, no premium versions.
The Easiest to use migration plugin on the market. No file downloads, uploads, size limitations, or premium versions required. 1 click to export your site and just 1 more click to fully restore it to your new host. We provide the migration of your plugins files, themes and uploads for free but we charge $3.99 for migration of the database. This helps us with our hosting and development fees. Once paid you will have 7 days of unlimited migrations to the same destination URL when using the same email address. There are no recurring payments and you’ll only pay if database migration is successful. If it fails we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Selective Exports & Imports

You can backup or restore the full site or only portions of it. From the advanced menu you can chose to exclude DB, Plugins, Uploads or Themes from either backup or restore.

Faster Exports & Imports

Your archive is streamed from server to server and you are not required to have a fast internet connection for migration to be successful. We handle the magic in the background without the need to download or upload any file.

Fast & Secure

We archive and encrypt the data on your server using a password you choose, then stream it securely to our online storage, then back to you. We never get (or want to get) access to your password or your unencrypted files.

No Size limits,Super Fast Site Restore

With 1 click, your export file is streamed down, decrypted on your server, and then used to restore all your data. There are no import size limitations.

Changing domains? No problem

We automatically detect domain changes and update your database and installation accordingly.

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How long does it take for the backup or restore process?

Depending on your site size it could take up to 30 minutes for each to finish. We strongly recommend performing a cleanup before backing up and disabling all other plugins. If you have FTP access look in your wp-content folder and remove any unused files, old backups etc.

What do I do if backup or restore times out?

Try backup up or restoring piece by piece using the advanced menu. If that also fails you need to contact your hosting company and increase the server resources. We’ve had successfully migrations that were over 2GB in size.

Can you skip some files from migration such as uploads or plugins?

Yes, you can use the advanced drop down and select what you want excluded.

Do you offer support for WordPress Multisite?

Not at this time.

How much time do I have to restore the site?

You have 24 hrs from the time the backup was completed. If you miss the time window you would need to initiate the backup again before you can restore. Once paid you will have 7 days of unlimited migrations when using the same email address.

Do you update all URLs in the database with the new domain?

Yes, as of version 1.3 we automatically perform a search and replace in all database tables and update the new URL everywhere including serialized entries.


25 Desember 2020
This is about as easy as you can get to move a website to a new host without having to deal with ftp, cPanel, file manager etc. Just make sure you follow their directions: deactivate plugins first and it should all work great. If not, they offer support to help you.
16 November 2020
I used to spend hours to migrate my site to a new host. Paying $4 to get it done in minutes was a really nice deal. Migration was very smooth. You do have to make sure you clean up the junk before you migrate and disable all other plugins.
4 Juli 2020
1. this plugin is not really "free" because any restore you try, you will be stopped at the last step and forced to pay 3.99$. Where is this forced payment announced ? 2. After 1 hour fighting against it, I discovered that you can't use this plugin on a temporary url, when your domain is yet not resolving. So finally to see that the plugin works and restore my backuped domain I had to create a wordpress test under a subdomain of another site and then install this plugin and finally when all at last seems restoring I was stopped by the forced "donation" of 3.99$ It is not about the money, guys but you can't put a plugin and force a payment to get the results of your plugin. It is not fair !
18 Juni 2020
A super easy-functioning plugin. Does exactly what it says on the box: so no hassle with downloads and/or uploads. While restoring the plugin asks for a donation, but right now the use of it is free. The amount requested hoewever is very reasonable. Used it for a small test right now, but will definitely pay when going for real.
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Log Perubahan


  • Added manual and automated retries
  • Improved compatibility with various hosting providers
  • Improved front end messaging related to retries and failures


  • Added selective backup / restore
  • Added full php debug info to log
  • Added Stop & Reset button if things get stuck


  • Add support for serialized db entries
  • Add PayPal payment


  • Updated plugin dependencies. Large refactoring. Added retries.


  • Updated all plugin dependencies. This fixes an issue where PHP ran out of memory when creating some larger archives


  • Improved logs and permission handling.


  • Improved compatibility with all managed hosting sites.


  • Initial plugin general release